Eric's Middle East Timeline

  • Jewish Claims to Palestine

    Zionist movement suppored by the British in terms of the Balfour Declaration. This declares Palestine as the national home for Jews
  • Arab Opposition and a New British Policy

    Arabs wanted Palestine to them selves so they were very against allowing the Jews to have Palestine. To please the Arabs the Britains limited the amount of Jews allowed to imigrate.
  • Arab League

    Leuge created in 1945 with the goal to unify Arab policy on world issues, especially efforts against Isreal.
  • Palestine and the UN

    Isreal proclaims its independence as the first modern democratic state in the Middle East.
  • Continued Arab Hostility

    The Arab Leuge supported and enforced boycott against Isreal and the companies trading with it
  • Isreal War for Independence

    There was a war for isreals independence.
  • Sinai Campaign

    The invation of Egypt, by Isreal, in a succesful attempt to destroy the Guerilla Bases. Leaves Isreal free of raids for 10 years
  • OPEC

    Organisation purpose to increase members oil revinue.
  • Arab Support for PLO

    the liable representative of the Palestinian people and also takes part in the UN representation of Palestine Arabs
  • Splits in PLO

    Israel invades forcing PLO guerrillas to leave. Plo factions split into two camps. Larger faction lead by Yasir Arafat (wanted to negotiate) and smaller faction lead by Marx (wanted war)
  • America Talks with PLO

    Proposed peace plan by Yasir Arafat for Isreal and Palestine to act peacefully. America proposes peace plan
  • Palestine as an Independent "state"

    Araft and Palestine National Council meet in Algiers to announce the formation of Palestine being an independent state.