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Early European Kingdoms

  • Clovis let army against Gaul

    Around 481, Clovis was able to unite several of the Frankish groups. He led a combined force against the collapsing Roman army into Gaul.
  • Clovis established Franks

    By 495, Clovis had brought most of Gaul under his control and established a unified Frankish kingdom.
  • Clovis became a Christian

    Clovis became a Christian
    After Clovis conquered Gaul in 496,he converted to Christianity, which was a very wise move.
  • Charlemagne took the throne

    Charlemagne took the throne
    The descendants of Clovis were displaced by the grandfather of the famous ruler Charlemagne.
  • The scholar, Alcuin arrived in

    The scholar, Alcuin arrived in
    Alcuin arrived in 782 and organized a school in the palace for the children of Charlemagne and other nobles. The courses at the palace school were based on advances in education in England and Ireland.
  • Charlemagne was dead

    Charlemagne died in 814. The empire he had built went into slow decline.
  • The Treaty of Verdun was signed

    After almost 30 years of conflict, Charlemagne's 3 grandsons signed the Treaty of Verdun. This treaty divided Charlemagne's empire into 3 kingdoms.
  • The invasion of Magyars

    Around 896, Magyars began an invasion of Europe, looting parts of France, northern Italy, and Eastern Europe.