Early Civilization

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  • 1,000 BCE

    Mound Builders

    The Mound Builders were people who built small, rounded piles of earth to bury their dead or for religious reasons Scientists have dated the first Mounds.
  • -800 BCE

    Mound Builders

    The earliest Mound builders were the Aden people who were hunters and gatherers in the Ohio Valley.
  • -750 BCE

    Mayan civilization

    The first maya developed around 750 bc and by 500 bc these cities possessed monumental architecture, including large temples with elaborate stucco facades.
  • -300 BCE

    Mayan civilization

    The Mayans developed a complex culture, in the forests of present day Mexico, Guatemala ,Honduras, and Belize on the Yucatan Peninsula
  • -200 BCE

    hopewell people

    they became mound builders
  • AD 1

    Anasazi civilization

    The first hered about the Anasazi in a area known as the Four Corners, where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico meet.
  • 500

    Hopewell End

    The hopewell were not a part of the mound builders.
  • 700

    Mississippian civilization

    Started existing.
  • 900

    Mayan civilization

    Mayan started dissapearing for a unknown reason they think cause of diesease.
  • 900

    The Mound Builders

    This city was built by people called the Mississippian they had a population around 16,000.
  • 1100

    Aztec civilization

    The Aztecs wandered into the valley of Mexico.
  • 1300

    Anasazi Civilization

    Did not live in the four corners any more
  • 1300

    The Anasazi Civilization

    The Anasazi began leaving the pueblos and cliff dwellings to live in smaller communities
  • 1428

    Aztec Civilization

    Itzcoatl, the Aztec leader, helped the Aztecs to form a three way alliance with the Texcocans and the Tacubans to conquer their
    rivals for influence in the region.
  • 1438

    Inca Empire

    An, emperor called Pachacuti came to power and started conquering neighboring communities.
  • 1519


    Hernan Cortes a spanish conquistador, first led his soilders to the Aztec Civlization
  • 1521


    The Spaniards had defeated the Aztecs and ended their empire.
  • 1572

    Inca Civilization

    The Inca Empire rapidly collasped when its last emperor was exuted by the spanish invaders led by Franciso pizarro, The Inca Empire came to a end.
  • Mississippian Civilization

    The Mississippian Civilization no more existed
  • Period:
    1,438 BCE
    1,533 BCE

    Inca Empire

    From 1438 to 1533, the Incas incorporated a large portion of Western South America