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  • USSR

    The USSR launched the first artificial satellite named Sputnik into space. As a counter act, the US government creates the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). They do so in an attempt to become the world leader in science and technology, in relation with the military.
  • ARPA

    Nine years after its formation, the ARPA hosts a study on “cooperative network of time–sharing computers.” Shortly thereafter, two computers, one from the MIT Lincoln Lab and one from the System Development Corporation (SDC), are successfully connected with a dedicated 1200bps phone line. A third computer, at ARPA, is added to form “The Experimental Network.”
  • University of California Los Angeles

    A network is developed using 15 nodes at University of California Los Angeles, Stanford Research Institute, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Utah, Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc., MIT Lincoln Lab, RAND, SDC, Harvard, Lincoln Lab, Stanford, Upper Iowa University, Case Western Reserve University, Central Michigan University and NASA/Ames.
  • “.com”

    The domain name system is developed and the “.com” era is born. Other domains are also developed including .edu and .gov.
  • World.std.com

    The Internet is introduced to the public. World.std.com becomes the first company to provide Internet access through dial–up.
  • CERN

    The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) releases World–Wide Web (WWW).
  • free computers

    Companies begin providing free computers with a signed contract for Internet service.
  • commonplace online.

    Shopping malls, banks, radio stations and advertising become commonplace online.
  • dial–up

    Companies like CompuServe, America Online and Prodigy begin to provide online connections through traditional dial–up services. Households across the world go online.
  • World Wide Web

    The size of the World Wide Web is estimated to exceed 1 billion pages and Napster, the first large peer 2 peer file sharing website, is in full swing.
  • Network Solutions

    Network Solutions offers the one-hundred year domain name registration. The Internet continues to change the media, the economy, entertainment, technology and the way we view the world. What’s in the future of the World Wide Web? Wireless Internet access may be broadcasted free like radio and television across the world. Many large cities already have free wireless Internet. Or, perhaps the progression of the Internet will end up back at the military. Where battles and wars will be fought virt
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