Decade to Research: 2000-2010

  • USB flash drive

    USB flash drive
    M-Systems announced to the world the creation of USB flash drives. The USB flash drives are still used to this day. People use them to take their work from one computer to the next. It is very convenient since you might not be able to get done at school so you download it to your usb drive and can work on it at home on your own computer.
  • Myspace was founded

    Myspace was founded
    Myspace was founded by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson. Myspace helped pave the way for the next set of social networking. Even though I never used myspace it helped people reach larger audiences. It helped people connect with their friends and express themselves through their page.
  • Youtube

    YouTube was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. YouTube is how some people became to be. For example, Justin Bieber was discovered from his covers he posted on YouTube. YouTube is still a huge part in people lives, it is how some people make their living. You can make random videos and people can watch from all over the world.
  • Gmail

    Gmail was finally released. It was founded by Paul Buchheit Gmail is how I communicate with companies and my family. Almost everyone I know has a Gmail account. Also, with Gmail you can do so many things like have access to google photos. I use Gmail to connect to YouTube.
  • Instagram

    Instagram was released in October 2010. It was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. This was huge since people are still on this social media platform. You can post what you want and gain a following. This platform allows you to express yourself and to share the pictures you take. It helps you stay connected with the people who live in different states then you or different time zones.