Communism in Russia

By Jsquire
  • Period: to

    Russo-Japanese war

    Russia went to war with Japan over territories In northeast Asia
  • The Duma is created

    A more “democratic” form of government is created for Russia
  • Period: to

    WW1 starts

    The worlds first world wide war is starting
  • Czar Nicholas abdicated the throne in Russia

    Nicholas is now in power in Russia and holds all property and power in Russia
  • November revolution

    Lennon and the bolsheviks overthrow the white army and take control
  • Duma becomes provisional government

    The duma becomes the main form of government in a transition period for Russia
  • Period: to

    The Russian civil war

    The red Bolshevik army faught the white non communist party for the political future of Russia
  • Stalin takes over as leader of Russia

    Joseph Stalin takes control as leader of the communist party and Russia
  • Vladimir Lenin dies

    Lenin dies
  • Period: to

    Stalins first five year plan

    Stalins first five year plan to rapidly industrialize Russia
  • Period: to

    Stalins second five year plan

    Stalins adding five more years of his plan to rapidly industrialize Russia
  • Stalins great purge

    Stalin starts killing of members of his own government that are popular with the people and people around the country
  • Period: to


    The second world wide war of the decade is taking place
  • Period: to

    Cold War

    Russia are at a war with Russia to show the world whose government system is better
  • Stalin dies

    Joseph Stalin passes away
  • Destalinization

    The people of Russia and there leaders make an attempt to undo stalinistic totalitarianism
  • Kitchen debate

    Nixon debates Khrushchev on the forms of government of Russia vs United States
  • Period: to


    Attempt to reform Russia after years of poor leadership
  • Gorbachev takes over

    Gorbachev takes over as the leader of the communist party in Russia
  • Glasnost

    Gorbachev policies about being able to be open with people and have free speech
  • Dissolution of the Soviet Union

    The Soviet Union collapses and Russia switches to democracy