Chechen conflict 1991-2009

Timeline created by HanFair
  • Coup against communist Russia

    Coup against communist Russia
    Dzhokhar Dudayev leads a coup against the Russian Communist government ruling Chechnya at the time. Coup is successful and Dudayev goes on to become Prime Minister and declares Chechnya independant.
  • Period: to

    Chechen conflict

  • Russia invades

    Russia invades
    Russia invades Chechnya in an attempt to win back the newly formed autonomous region.
  • The Battle of Grozny

    Russian forces take control of the capital city of Grozny. Rebel leaders are expelled and Russia seems to be winning.
  • Guerilla warfare ensues

    Despite the Russian forces immense weaponry and manpower, Chechen rebels hold them off and guerilla warfare enuses. Russian forces cannot defeat the Chechens in the moutainous regions of the nation.
  • Russia declares ceasefire

    Russian forces cannot defeat Chechen rebels and Boris Yeltsin declares a ceasefire. Casualties on both sides reach 70,000.
  • Peace Treaty

    Peace Treaty
    Newly elected Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov and Russian leader Boris Yeltsin sign a peace treaty on the peace and principles of Russian-Chechen relations.
  • Terrorism ensues

    Bombs explode in Moscow and other Russian cities. Russia blames Chechnya.
  • Russia invades again

    Yeltsin orders 100,000 Russian troops to invade Chechnya. Grozny is once again destroyed and Russia takes control over most of Chechnya. Rebels are driven into the mountains.
  • War continues

    War continues
    After months of fighting Russia declares war on terror in Chechnya is over. However large scale fighting continued and Russian troops did not withdraw forces from Chechnya.
  • Chechen terrorists take hostages

    Chechen terrorists take hostages
    Chechen terrorists seize a theatre in Moscow and hold 763 people hostage. They demand that Russia end the war in Chechnya. Russian troops release a gas into the theatre which not only kills the rebels but all hostages.
  • Chechnya abandons hopes for independance

    Chechens vote in a referendum that approved a new regional constitution making Chechnya a separist republic within Russia. By acknowledging this constitution Chechnya abandoned hopes of becoming completely independant.
  • New President for Chechnya

    New President for Chechnya
    Russia backs a presidential election in Chechnya and a pro-Moscow leader is elected. Akhmad Kadyrov is Chechnyas new president. This moves highlights the fact that Chechnya is gradually becoming less separist.
  • Fighting not over yet

    Terrorist attacks and guerilla war fare continue in Chechnya and surrounding regions. The death toll continues to rise and no resolution is met
  • Separist leader killed

    Separist leader killed
    Abdul-Khalim Saydullayev a Chechen separist leader is killed by Russian forces, He is the fourth separist leader to be assasinated by the Russian military.
  • War finally over

    Russia officially ends the so called 'war on terror' in Chechnya and withdraws most of its troops. Chechnya begins to rebuild its economy, infrastructure, government but is still a broken and war torn country. Chechnya no longer holds such nationalsitic views and government is pro-Moscow.