Blood flow through the heart

  • Blood comes from the body

    Blood comes into the heart by veins
  • Superior and Inferior Vena cava

    Blood comes thru the veins into the vena cava by the superior and inferior openings.
  • Blood travels into the right atrium

    After passing through the Vena Cava, blood then goes into the right atrium.
  • Passes thru the Tricuspid valve

    After going thru the right atrium, blood then passes to the tricuspid valve.
  • Into the right ventricle

  • Goes to pulmomary valve

    Once in the right ventricle, the blood travels up to the pulmonary valve.
  • and comes out thru the pulmonary artery

    When coming out of the pulmonary valve, blood travels out of the heart to the lungs by the pulmonary artery.
  • blood goes thru the lungs

    blood goes into the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.
  • blood travels from the lungs thru pulmonary veins

    Oxygenated blood comes from lungs thru the pulmonary veins.
  • Blood arrives at the left atrium

    Coming from the pulmonary veins, oxygenated blood arrives at the left atrium.
  • blood goes thru the bicuspid (mitral) valve

  • Blood arrives at the left ventricle

  • blood moves up to the aortic valve

  • blood moves to the aorta where it leaves the heart

  • leaves heart and travels to the body.