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Air Jordans 1-12

  • Air Jordan 1

    Air Jordan 1
    The Air Jordan 1 was the most innovative basketball shoe in 1985, it inspired other nike shoes. This was the start of a revolution in basketball.
  • Air Jordan 2

    Air Jordan 2
    With the success of the Air Jordan 1, Nike wanted to try to make another shoe that everyone would want to buy, it worked. The Air Jordan 2 was a success but will never live upto its preceeder.
  • Air Jordan 3

    Air Jordan 3
    With the success of the previous two Air Jordans, Nike had tried to make a shoe that would look good both on and off the court. The air jordan 3 is the first jordan to feature a jumpman and elephant print.
  • Air Jordan 4

    Air Jordan 4
    The Air Jordan 4 built onto the Jordan 3s ability to look nice on and off court. They feature rubber eyelets for support on the players foot, they were also used to resemble "wings" .
  • Air Jordan 5

    Air Jordan 5
    The Air Jordan 5 hit the shelves in 1990. They featured mesh side panels, and were the first Jordan to feature a translucent sole.
  • Air Jordan 6

    Air Jordan 6
    With the love of the translucent sole of the jordan 5, Tinker Hatfield, the designer of all Air Jordan shoes, had decided to bring it back in the Air Jordan 6.
  • Air Jordan 7

    Air Jordan 7
    The Air Jordan 7 was the first jordan to escape the Nike marketing logo, Michael Jordan won his 2nd NBA Championship wearing this shoe.
  • Air Jordan 8

    Air Jordan 8
    The Air Jordan 8 is the only jordan to have dual crossover straps. Michael Jordan scored his 20,000th point in this pair of sneakers, he also later retired for the first time this year.
  • Air Jordan 9

    Air Jordan 9
    The thing about the Air Jordan 9 is that Jordan never wore them in game. This is actually because he had retired froom basketball at the time and had a minor stunt in minor-league baseball. The sneakers resemble a baseball cleat. Players like Penny Hardaway kept the Air Jordan name alive while Michael was away though.
  • Air Jordan 10

    Air Jordan 10
    The Air Jordan 10 was a tribute to Michael Jordan himself, the sneaker states all of his accomplishments at the time on the sole. This shoe is very light, causing it to be very innovative to the game.
  • Air Jordan 11

    Air Jordan 11
    Michael Jordan has returned toi the game of basketball! Returning with a shoe that looks good on court and looks good for formal events. The Air Jordan 11 is wrapped in patent leather from toe to heel, featuring ballistic mesh on the upper. This is also the shoe that Michael Jordan played the aliens in in Space Jam.
  • Air Jordan 12

    Air Jordan 12
    The Air Jordan 12 was the first Air Jordan to be released from Jordan Brand themselves, when the 12s came out Jordan Brand became a subsidary from Nike. This shoe is inspired from the Japanese Flag's Rising Sun.