Aztecs Incans and Mayans

  • 250

    The Mayans started their civilization known as the Classic Period of Civilization

  • Period: 250 to

    The Mayan

  • Dec 6, 600

    The Maya developed a 260 day religous calendar, which consisted of 20 thirteen day months. A 365 day solar calendar consisted of 18 twenty day months, with a seperate period of 5 days at the end.

  • Dec 6, 700

    The Mayans had broke out into warfare between the various mayan city states. Caused many to flee and take refuge in the jungle.

  • Dec 6, 1200

    The Aztecs civilization they were poor nomadic people from the harsh desert of northern mexico.

  • Dec 6, 1200

    The Inca had established their own small kingdom in the valley.

  • Period: Dec 6, 1200 to Dec 6, 1521

    The Aztecs Civilization

  • Dec 6, 1438

    The Incas had began when a powerful and ambitious ruler, Pachacuti took the throne.

  • Period: Dec 6, 1438 to Dec 6, 1535

    The Incans

  • Dec 6, 1500

    The aztecs controlled a vast Mesoamerica empire, which stretched from central Mexico to the Atlantic & Pacific coast & south into Oaxaca.

  • Dec 6, 1500

    The Inca had ruled an empire that stretched 2,000 miles along the coast of South America, from Ecuador in the North.

  • Dec 6, 1502

    The Aztecs became an extraordinary urban center had a ruler, Monte Zuma II crowned as emperor but the Aztecs weakened.