Atlantic World and the Discovery of the New World

  • Sep 25, 1492

    Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

    Columbus went on a voyage from Spain to find a new route to Asia. He landed on an island in what is now the Bahamas and he named it San Salvador.
  • Sep 25, 1511

    First African Slaves in the Americas

    The European colonists needed cheap labor to work the plantations and farms in the Americas. The natives did not have immunity from the European diseases and often died. The Africans however had built up some immunity and also had experience in farming, along with other "advantages".
  • Sep 25, 1521

    The End of the Aztecs

    Cortez conquered the Aztec Empire with the help of superior weaponry(guns and cannons against Aztec arrows), other native groups (some did not like the way the Aztecs ruled and fought with Cortez), and diseases (European diseases killed many natives and weakened the Aztecs).
  • Sep 25, 1533

    Pizarro conqueres the Incans

    After ambushing and killing a mostly unarmed Incan army, Pizarro kidnapped the Incan emperor, Atahualpa. He received a room full of gold and two rooms full of silver from the Incans, then killed Atahualpa and conquered the Incan Empire.
  • Jamestown: the Second English Colony Built, the First Established.

    English settlers were sent by their king to establish a colony in the Americas. They landed on the coast of what is now Virginia and claimed the land. They made a colony and named it Jamestown in honor of King James.
  • Pilgrims find Plymouth

    The Pilgrims went to the Americas in search of religious freedom. When they reached the Americas they made a colony and named it Plymouth.
  • The End of the French and Indian War

    After years of fighting between the French and the English, the British Army defeated the French. The French surrendered all of their land in North America, giving the British contol over the eastern half of North America.