Alabama map showen on the united states

Alabama History

By fenni5L
  • Period: Jan 1, 1539 to Jan 1, 1541

    Early Exploration

    Hernando de Soto explored the Southwest and met Chief Tuskaloosa in the Battle of Maubila.
  • Women Arrive

    Women Arrive
    King Louis XIV pays twenty-five women to travel from France to come to Alabama to become wives of colonists.
  • Great Britain Gets Control

    Great Britain Gets Control
    France gave the Alabama region to Great Britain.
  • Invention of Cotton Gin

    Invention of Cotton Gin
    Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. This machine could produce up to 50 pounds of cleaned cotton daily making cotton production more profitable for the Southern states.
  • Mississippi Territory

    Mississippi Territory
    Mississippi Territory was formed from parts of Georgia and Alabama.
  • Statehood

    Alabama became the 22nd state.
  • Alabama leaves Union

    Alabama leaves Union
    Alabama left the Union and joined the Confederates.
  • Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King
    Martin Luther King Jr. marched to end black discrimination.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    Tennessee Valley  Authority
    It was created to help develop resources in the South.