Adam Projectile Project

  • Factoring and projectiles

    Factoring quadratics will help us determine the path of a projectile by taking each number and figuring out which number means what. It I were able to factor a quadratic equation I could tell the times and distance that the projectile travled.
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    Projectile Project timeline

  • Quadratic Formula

    bt+- square root b2-4 ac divide by 2a. This is the quadratic formula factors the equation you must solve. One you have solved the qaudratic formula the answer should give you the number you need for the graph.
  • projectile formulas

  • angles of launch

    When projecting something that you want to go a long distance the angle has a big part in it. Lets say the angle is a really low one. The projectile will be close to the ground a not travel as far. If the angle was almost straight up the projectile will go pretty high but wont travel a long distance. The angle needs to be not close to the ground but not straight up so about 60. The projectile will get some hight to it and also some distance.