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  • Laurie Hertzel's Accidental Book

    Words of wisdom from a wordsmith-BY SARAH MCKENZIE Laurie Hetzel created a blog desctibing her life in Duluth and Petrozavodsk. It included a memoir of life in these two cities. Since she is an editor for the Star Tribune, her writing was noticed and then published. This story is, in a sense, an autobiography and describes historic events that she lived through.
  • New Russia

    New Russia Takes Root in Saint Petersburg and Moscow - Robyn Blumner Major towns in Russia are being renovated to suit the "New Russia." St. Petersburg's buildings are being poslished and Moscow is recieving new architecture such as galss towers. These renovations are creating an optomisic atmosphere. Unfortunately, many older citizens dislike these "improvements."
  • Russia's New Nobility

    Russia's New Nobility Russia's security level has rised with services of the Federal Security Service (FSC). They founded the secret police (Cheka), and value service to the pucblic over money. This is a dramatic change from when the KGB held security because they did not value the public's well being as much.
  • Russian-American Obstacles Overshadow Obama-Medvedev Meeting

    Russian-American Obstacles Overshadow Obama-Medvedev Meeting The United State's relationship with Russia has improved greatly since 2008. For example, Russia permited airspace for U.S. troops in Afghanistan and they signed an arms control agreement. Dispite these acomplishments, the relationship between the two countries is fragile because of the countries' expectations.
  • Afghan-bound armored vehicles to be allowed through Russia

    Russia's top diplomat said Thursday the nation will permit NATO to move armored vehicles through Russia to Afghanistan, state-run Russian media said.
  • Russian lawmakers say Stalin ordered massacre of Polish soldiers

    Russia's lower house of parliament has approved a resolution recognizing that Josef Stalin's regime was responsible for the 1940 massacre of more than 20,000 Polish officers, signaling a thawing of relations between Poland and Russia, state media reported.
  • START treaty with Russia?

    What will the Senate do now?
    The START treaty is a potential treaty we may have with Russia that allows both countries to monitor each other's nuculear weapons. US senate is debating weather it is a good idea to propose this treaty because some think it will harm our rlationship with Russia
  • Voters in Moldova aim to break political stalemate

    The former Soviet state of Moldova is holding Sunday its third parliamentary election in two years, with pro-Western-leaning political factions hoping to break a stalemate that has left one of Europe's least economically developed nations without a president since the middle of last year.