Middle Ages

  • 407

    The Conquest of Britain

    Roman Legions depart from Britain to defend Rome.
  • 476

    The coming of Christianity

    Rome fell in barbarian tribes
  • Sep 1, 1066

    The Danish Invasion

    The Danish Invasion
    Alfreds death ended Anglo - Saxon period
  • Sep 1, 1066

    Edward dies

    Once edward dies the Saxon council of elders chose Harold to be king
  • Sep 1, 1080

    Battle of Hastings

    William of Normandy was supposed to claim the throne.
    He went to battle with Harold and killed him.
  • Sep 1, 1090

    William gains control of the Anglo-saxon nobility

    After taking the throne over the course of five years William confiscated Anglo saxon land.
  • Sep 1, 1215

    The Magna Carta

    The king promised not to tax land without first meeting with the barons.
  • Period: Sep 1, 1348 to Sep 1, 1349

    Black Death

    This great plague increased the value of a peasant's work.
  • Sep 1, 1381

    Decline of the Feudal System

    Peasants in England staged a revolt against serfdom.
  • Sep 1, 1399

    Lancasters, Yorks, and Tudors

    The House of Lancaster replaced the Plantagenets on the throne.
  • Period: Sep 1, 1455 to Sep 1, 1485

    The War of Roses

    The House of York conflicting against the the House of Lancaster.
  • The coming of christianity

    Roman cleric Saint Augustine converted king Ethelnert of Kent to christianity
  • The Danish Invasion

    The Danish Invasion
    king Alfred ascended to Wessex throne who would become the only ruler in Englands history ever to be honored with the epithet "the great"
  • The Danish Invasion

    The Danish Invasion
    Under truce, England was formally divided Alfred the Great became a national hero