Arab-Israeli Conflicts Timeline

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    Israeli Conflict Timeline

  • US Partition Plan

    US Partition Plan
    The UN adopted a resolution to terminate British Mandates in Palestine. They planned to split the territory up between Jewish and Arab states.
  • Israel's Independence

    Israel's Independence
    The new Jewish state was officially established. It is nationally recognized as a holiday, called Yom Ha'atzmaut.
  • PLO Is Founded

    PLO Is Founded
    The PLO is the Palestine Liberation Organization. It is run by Palestinian representatives and they organize politial movements among the state.
  • War of the Suez Canal

    War of the Suez Canal
    Israelis fought Arabs after UN groups were withdawn. After the war, the Canal was blocked off by Egypt.
  • 1972 Munich Olymics

    1972 Munich Olymics
    The second Olympics to be held in Germany. Palestinian citizens with guns invaded the games and killed 11 Israeli athletes; this is now known as the Munich Massacre.
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    Led into the Israel-Egypt peace treaty; President Carter hoped to lighten up the Middle East's violence.
  • 1st Infitada

    1st Infitada
    Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupations in Palestine Territory. The conflict resulted in widespread violence.
  • Oslo Accords are Signed

    Oslo Accords are Signed
    These accords stated that Israeli forces were to be taken out of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Palestine would still rule for five years after this so that a solid decision could be made about the government.
  • Second Intifada

    Second Intifada
    The second uprising of Palestinian citizens. Over 6,500 people were killed, as well as a few dozen foreigners.
  • Road Map for Peace is Created

    Road Map for Peace is Created
    A plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. It represents a beginning to peace in the Middle East.