dinosour timeline by: tahj porter

By frotter
  • Period: Jan 1, 1200 to Dec 5, 1330


  • Feb 3, 1200

    tyranasourus rex

    this masive beast destroied everything in it`s way . it crushed every single that came across it .
  • Mar 4, 1210


    this creature is an (herbavor) or plant eater they were very harmless animals and they are very valnarable also
  • Apr 5, 1220

    woolie mammath

    mammaths` are very large brown creatures with white curved tusk. there feet could kill you in an instant that is how big there feet are .the ice age is what killed all living things in the past that seems really crazy to me .
  • May 6, 1230


    raptors are very fast animals in prehistoric times. they also have very strong mouths they could shut there mouths so fast you could not even escape if you wanted to thats how fast there mouths are.
  • Feb 4, 1240


    this creature was not mean at all unless they had to be . it was very nice and very mean when it had to be . vey intresting i think.triceratopses can be quiet mind boggling.
  • Jun 7, 1310


    have you ever wondered some of the names of these dinosours i have but i never learned them at all sorry i can`t tell you i would if i could but i don`t .