A little time with Loga

  • Loga &Titus Date

    We were like a diad.
  • Loga &Titus break up.

    We had a big argument, then it was this big thing.
  • Loga goes to the moon with her friends.

    We all head to the moon for like, spring break.
  • Loga meets Violet

    So this girl makes Quendy feel better about her lesion.
  • Loga goes dancing w/friends.

    We go out and ask the new girl, Violet to come along.
  • Loga's friends get hacked

    This creepy dude hacks my friends, I back away.
  • Loga visits her friends in the hospital

    Their feeds are like totally off.
  • Loga describes Oh? Wow! Thing! to her friends.

    My friends are in the hospital and their feeds are off, so I describe the feedcast to them.
  • Loga's friends are released from the hospital.

    My friends finally get their feeds turned back on.
  • Loga's friends are back on Earth.

    Finally we are all home.
  • Loga goes to Quendy's party

    Quendy has some people over, Link brings that weird girl we met on the moon.