u.S history timelines stephanie

  • Louisiana Purchase

    William Clark, the transition of power was peaceful. to fulfill his promise of moderation, Jefferson left some Federalist, programs untouched.
  • Northwest Ordinance

    This act established a system for governing te Northwest Territory. This vast area extended north of the ohio river to the Great Lakes.
  • Lewis and Clark expedition

    neither buyer nor seller knew the exact size or boundaries of the Louisiaa territory.
  • Adam onis Treaty

    Agreement in which Spain transferred East Florida to the United States.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    He was a president, no more European countries, are not coming over here to settle, by the early,most of Spain's Latin American colonies had launched revolution.
  • Lone Star Republic

    A number of Tejanos had fought beside other Texans because its flag had a single star.
  • Webster-Ashburton Treaty

    The treaty with Britain settled in the boundary between maine and Canada.
  • Polk is elected President

    A former government of Tennessee, considered a dark-horse candidate one who seems to have little chance of winning Polk ran an effective campaign.
  • Texas is made a state

    polk's victry increased tension between the United States and Mexico, which warned that it would consider US annexation of Texas.
  • Bear lag Revolt

    California's was an independent republic and raised a flg with the image of a grizzly bear painted on it.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe hildago

    Ended the Mexican War and gave United States much of Mexico's northern territory.
  • California's Gold Rush

    hopeful gold seekers from as far away as Australia.
  • California is made a state

    The Mexican government began to transfer ownership of mission lands to Californios.
  • Gadsen Purchase

    The United States acquired parts of the present day states of Arizona and New mexico.