U.S. History Mark Trevino

  • Northwest Ordinance

    Norhwest odinance Legis lation that eslablished a system for govering the Northwest Territory.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    U.S. Purchase of French land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Moutains that has been called the largest land deal n history.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark Expedition neither buyer nor seller knew the exact size or bandaries or the Louisiana Territory.
  • Adams Onis Treaty

    An agrement in which Spain transfered east Florida to United states.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    president James Monroes statment that he united state would not interfere in Europe colonies in latin America but would consider any New Hemisphere and for hostilty.
  • lone star is created

    from 1836 to 1845 Texas exsited as an inedendent rebulic it was known as the Lone star rebulic
  • Webster Ashurton Treaty

    Webster Ashurton Treaty is the treaty with Britin sttelled the bondray between Mine and Canada the treaty also adjusted the U.S. Canadian boarder from Mine west of the woods.
  • Polk is elected President

    the issue f wetern expension do minotted the 1844 presidential election in the election with Porty can didate Henry Clay of Kantuky opposed Oemarcted James K. Polk a former govenor of tennssee.
  • Teaxs is made a state

    Mexico American war Polks victory incressed tension between the U.S. and Mexico which wonder that it would consider U.S. and exation of Teaxs ''equlualont to a reoplic.''
  • Bear Flag Revolt

    the revlot aginst Mexico by America slettlers in California who declared the area an independent repulic.
  • Treaty of Gudalou Hidalgo

    the treaty that ended the mexican war gave U.S. munch of mexicans Northern terrotry
  • California gold rush

    my the early 1849 hopful gold seekers from as fat away as austrila China and Erupoe were rushing to north America
  • California us made a state

  • Gasdsden purhase

    U.S. purchase of land from mexico thta included the sothern parts of perstedent day Arizona and New Mexico