History of Ireland

By svenna
  • 432

    Arrival of St. Patrick

    -to help convert pagan Gaelic Kings to Christianity.
    -Irish people celebrate his arrival in Ireland
  • 550

    Irish monks

    onwards Irish monks re-Christianize Europe
  • Aug 11, 1002

    Brian Boru wins recognition

    Brian Boru wins recognition as king of all Ireland
  • Aug 11, 1014

    King Boru was killed

    High King Brian Boru, killed at Battle of Clontarf.
    He was killed in a forest when a fleeing band of vikungs accidentally came across his tent and cut of his head
  • Jan 1, 1066

    Normans defeat Saxons

    Normans defeat Saxons in England.
  • Jan 1, 1166

    Rony O´Connor

    Reign of Rory O'Connor, Last native High King of Ireland
  • Aug 11, 1171

    Strongbow becomes king of Leinster

    Strongbow becomes king of Leinster. Arrival of Henry II, end of the Milesian kings;
    thus began the political involvement of England in Ireland's affairs.
  • Jan 1, 1366

    Statues of Kikenny forbid intermarriage between English and Irish

  • Jan 1, 1494

    King Henry VIII appoints an Englishmen Viceroy of Ireland

    King Henry VIII of England appoints an Englishman Viceroy of Ireland
  • Jan 1, 1541

    Henry VIII

    Henry VIII declares himself king of Ireland.
  • Jan 1, 1547

    Henry VIII dies

    Henry VIII dies, succeeded by the boy king Edward VI. England and
    Ireland were ruled by the senior nobility of England.
  • Aug 11, 1553

    Mary ascends the Throne.

  • Aug 11, 1562

    Elizabethan Wars in Ireland.

  • Rebellion of Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone.

  • O'Neill's great victory at Yellow Ford in Ulster

  • English soldier & statesman

    English soldier & statesman, Oliver Cromwell,
    landed at Dublin. His troops killed 2,000 men. A
    great part of lands in Munster, Leinster and Ulster
    (Drogheda and Wexford) was confiscated and divided
    among the English soldiers
  • Catholic landowners exiled to Connaught.

  • Accession of Charles II.

  • Accession of James II.

  • English Revolution

    English Revolution
    James II deposed in England. Gates of Derry shut in face of James' troops.
    Catholics now hold 22% of land in Ireland.
  • Battle of the boyne

  • Exclusion of Catholics from Parliament and all professions.

  • Parliamentary Union of Ireland and Britain

  • Anglo-Irish War/ War of Independence

  • Ireland becomes a full republic

  • Irish Republican Army (IRA) starts campaign of violence with aim of uniting Ireland

  • British troops sent to Northern Ireland

  • Good Friday Agreement

    with commitment of both Republicans and Unionists in Northern Ireland to end violence and share power
  • swearing- in of new Northern Ireland Assembly

  • Book of Kells

    The book ok Kells is written.
    It is an illuminated manuscript in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament together with various prefatory texts and tables.
  • King McNeill

    King McNeill started to reign
  • Settlement (1)

    Vikings established settlements at Waterford.
  • settlement (2)

    Vikings established settlements at Dublin.
  • settlement (3)

    Vikings established settlements at Limerick
  • Brian Boru

    Brian Boru defeated Vikings.
  • Ireland attacked by Vikung Norsemen

    It happend on Lambay Island, off Dublin
  • Brian Boru was born.

    Son of a leader of one of the royal free tribes of Munster.