10 Years of my Life

  • Little Brother Birthday

    Today my brother has turned 4! His party was a huge blast! This brthday was important because he is at the age where he can go to school!
  • Cancun

    This summer we are going to Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula. With it's beautiful ocean waters, and coral-sand beaches this is going to be awsome! DATE NOT CONFIRMED
  • Video Game Year

    This year has been a revolution in Video Games. I'm noting this down beacuse I recently got a new Video Game.
  • Cancun II

    This summer we are going to Cancun again! It is one of my favorite places in the world! DATE NOT CONFIRMED
  • Hurricane Dolly

    This hurricane was no doll. The winds from it blew my trampoline into the neighbor's yard, destroying it. We lost power and many homes were flooded. On South Padre Island, almost all the homes were destroyed! The Valley has been declared a state of disaster.
  • Invitation to Europe

    A well-known organization invited me to go to Italy, France, Austria, and other places because of my academic excellence. I can't go, though, because I'm too young.
  • Super New Year

    My cousins came over this New Year. So far...it has been AWESOME!!
  • Transition to IDEA

    I have switched schools and gone from St. Anthony's to IDEA San Benito. I have made lots of new friends but I miss the old ones. DATE NOT CONFIRMED
  • Outdoor School

    Today our school has left for the Outdoor School, a super fun camp were will will participate in all kinds of activites!
  • At the Outdoor School

    All I have to say about this camp is that it is SUPER FUN!!!!!!!
  • We love the Wii!

    Today I got a Wii! We haven't got any games yet except for Wii Sports.
  • Taks Results

    I got a 100 on both of my Taks tests= Reading and Math.
  • School's Out!

    Even though I've had many school graduatations, I like this one because getting out of schoo never tasted so sweet!
  • 7th Grade

    First Day of 7th grade!
  • 13

    Today I officially become a teen!

    IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 8th grade

    First day of 8th grade!
  • High School

    Today I enter High School! I'm feeling mixed feelings of happiness and sadness.
  • Around Halfway

    I'm in Highschool with honors and I'm taking all kinds of advanced classes. So far so good. I'm around halfway through highschool!
  • New Car

    Today my parents and I have put together enough money to buy me a Corvette! ALL RIGHT!
  • One Year Till

    One year more and it'll be my highschool graduation!