Timeline created by MatthieuC6
  • Gradual opening of Universities to Women in Zurich

  • Voting Reform by Disraeli

    Doubled number of voters
  • Werner von Siemens invente Power Generators

  • Coup overthrows Spanish Queen

  • Meiji Restoration

  • Opening of Suez Canal

  • UK Women can own property

  • First short clinical thermometer

  • Period: to

    Nihilist Revolutionary period

  • France declares war to Prussia

  • Republic is Proclaimed

  • Elections in Reichstag: 50% of seats for liberals

  • Prohibition of Homosexuality in Germany

  • Adolphe Thiers manages to obtain Armistice

  • Monarchist Majority at National Assembly

  • Thiers sends troops to disarm Parisian National Guard

  • Period: to

    Commune de Paris

  • Treaty of Frankfurt

  • Period: to

    Bloody Week

  • Creation of the Cape Colony

  • Prussian troops leave France

  • Osler and blood platelets discovery

  • Lois Théophile Roussel

    Prohibits public alcoholism
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

  • Period: to

    Aceh War in Indonesia (against Dutch)

  • Constitutional Laws

  • UK: Factory act = 56 hours / week

  • Ottoman Empire obtains constitution

  • L'Assommoir by Zola

  • Political crisis between Mac Mahon and Republican

  • Constitution of the Ottoman Empire Removed / Suspended

  • Berlin Treaty = Ottoman Empire can oppose conversion of its people

  • End of the crisis = Republic established for good

  • Edison invents incandescent lamp

  • Henry Stanley taking control of Congo River

  • Dual Alliance

  • German Tariff Law

  • Boule de Suif by Maupassant

  • Alexander II dissolves 'third section', his secret police

  • Savorgnan de Brazza takes control of right bank Congo river

  • Period: to

    1st Boers War

  • Assassination of Alexander II

  • France Raids Tunisia

  • Beginning of Panama Canal work

  • Pasteur's Anthrax vaccine

  • Period: to

    Lois Ferry

  • Period: to

    Mahdist War in Sudan

  • Electric fan invented by Philip Diehl

  • Ernest Renan's "What is a Nation"

  • Koch identifies Tuberculosis

  • Italy joins to créate Triple Alliance

  • Germany: Sickness insurance law

  • Habbat Zion Founded at Pinsker's House

  • Koch identifies Cholera vibrio

  • Zola's 'Au bonheur des dames'

    About birth of Consumerism
  • Second act of voting reforms in UK

  • Germany obtains Germany Southwest Africa + Togoland + Kamerun

  • France Divorce Law

    Very restrictive for women
  • Period: to

    International Conference in Berlin

  • Creation of the 'poubelle' by Prefet de la Seine Eugène Poubelle

  • Tanganyka becomes German East Africa

  • UK: Prohibition of homosexuality

  • Pasteur's Rabies Vaccine

  • Creation of French Union of Indochina

  • Period: to

    Union of Indochina

  • International Council of Women founded in D.C

  • Second International

  • Panama Canal Company goes broke

  • Coubertin has the idea of modern Olympic Games

  • Eiffel Tower

  • The US has a bigger metallurgical Production than the UK

  • Italy takes control of Eritrea

  • vaccines against tetanus and diphtheria

  • German law protecting women and child labour

  • Socialist stike in French city "Les Fourmies"

  • Financial scandal around Panama Canal

  • Franco-russian military treaty against Germany

  • Cholera epidemic in Paris

  • Period: to

    Wave of Anarchist bombing in Paris

  • Laos Added to French Indochina

  • Women can vote in New Zealand

  • Assassination French President Sadi Carnot in Lyon

  • Creation of French Colonial Ministry

  • Second French Company for Panama Canal

  • Franco-Russian Formal defensive Alliance

  • Law on connecting building to the sewers in Paris

  • Period: to

    Dreyfus Affair

  • Conservatives back to power in UK

  • Invention of the Cinematograph

  • British claim Sudan

  • Formosa annexed by Japasese

  • Federation of French West Africa

  • X-ray discovered by Wilhelm Röntgen

  • Gustave Lebon's "La psychologie des foules"

  • Period: to

    Conquest of Madagascar by Frenchs

  • Colonel Picquart Head of French Army Intelligence

  • Herzl "Jewish State"

  • Radioactivity discovered by Becquerel

  • First Modern Olympic Games

  • Period: to

    Belle Epoque

  • UK: Worker's compensation act

    Work insurance
  • Zionist Congress in Basel

  • US at war with Spain

  • France: Insurance against work accidents

  • Fashoda Affair

  • Herbert G Wells The War of the Worlds

  • Zola's "J'accuse"

  • Assassination of Empress "Sissi"

  • Radical socialist dominate politics in France

  • New Trial For Dreyfus

  • Zola Trial

  • Conrad's Heart of Darkness

  • Aspirin introduced

  • Period: to

    Philippine-American War

  • Period: to

    2nd Boers War

  • Creation of Labour Party

  • Assassination of King Umberto I of Italy

  • Invention of Zeppelin

  • Boxers rebellion in China

  • Olympic Games in Paris

  • World Fair in Paris

  • Assassination of American President William McKinley

  • Women can Vote in Australia

  • Olympic Games in Anvers

  • Flying Wright Brothers

  • Nobel Prize in Physics for Pierre and Marie Curie + Becquerel

  • Turmoil in Serbia

  • Period: to

    Herrero Massacre

  • Americans start digging Panama Canal

  • Entente Cordiale

  • World fair in Saint Louis

  • Olympic Games in Saint Louis

  • Period: to

    Russo-japanese war

  • discovery of the causative agent for syphilis

  • Einstein's Theory of relativity

  • Morocco Incident

  • Creation of the 'Ligue National contre l'alcoolisme'

  • Period: to

    Battle of Mudken

    First real trench warfare
  • Battle of Tsushima Strait

    Russian fleet destroyed
  • Treaty of Portsmouth

  • France: Compulsory weekly day of rest

  • Women can vote in Finland

  • Conference of Algeciras

  • Colonial Exposition in Marseille

  • Republic of Transvaal and Orange Free state → Self Government

  • Women may own property in France

  • pre-senile dementia described by A. Alzheimer

  • UK: Old Age pension act

  • Georges Sorel: Réflection on Violence

  • Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria Hungary

  • Olympic Games in London

  • Olympic Games in Stockolm

  • 'young Turks' bring the 1876 Constitution back

  • Abdulhamid Deposed

  • Boers join British Union of South Africa = Dominion

  • Federation of French Equatorial Africa

  • 84% of the globe’s land controlled by Europe

  • National Insurance act

    Health insurance
  • Marie Curie Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • Second Moroccan Crisis

  • Italy takes control of Lybia

  • Period: to

    1st Balkan War

  • Women can vote in Norway

  • mammography for diagnosing breast cancer

  • Period: to

    Second Balkan war

  • 3 Million members British Trade Unions

  • 2,6 M. Members French trade Unions

  • 1,5M. Members in German Trade Unions

  • 1M. Members in Italian Trade Unions

  • Assassination of Archiduke Ferdinand

  • Austro-hungarian ultimatum to Serbia

  • Russian army placed in Alert

  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

  • Full mobilization of Russian Army

  • Mobilization of French and German armies + Germany declares war on Russia

  • Germany declares war on France

  • Britain declares war on Germany

  • Britain declares war on Austria Hungary

  • Panama Canal opened

  • Einstein's General principle of relativity

  • Olympic Games in Paris