14.4 Nationalism in India and Southwest Asia

  • National Congess 1885

    2 groups were formed in order to get rid of the British Empire the primarly Hindu Indian National Congress in 1885.
  • Abd-Al-Aziz

    Abd-Al.Aziz an Arab from a once wealthfull family began a campaign in order to unite Arabia.
  • Muslim League

    Despite the tension with the Muslims and Hindus they finally found common ground.
  • The Ottoman Empire collapse

    Due to the Great War the Ottoman empire was defeated and collapsed.
  • 1918 Indians return home

    In 1918 the war finally ends and the indians go back home and expected Britain to fulfill it´s promises.
  • Rowlatt Acts

    The British passed the Rowlatt Acts, these laws allowed the government to jail protestors without trial for as long as 2 years
  • Greeks incade Turkey

    The Greeks invade Turkey and threaten to conquere it, The Turkish sultans army was hopless
  • Amritsar Massacre

    To protest the Rowlatt Acts, around 10,000 Muslims and Hindus went to Amristrar in the spring of 1919. And many where killed.
  • Civil Disobidience

    The delibirate and public refusal to obey an unjust law, in order to achieve independence.
  • The Republic of Turkey

    In 1919 Greek soldiers invaded Turkey and threatened to conquere it but in 1922 Mustafa kemal deafeted them and in 1923 the Repoublic of Trukey was formed.
  • The Salt March

    Ghandi organized a demonstration to defy the Salt acts. British law stated that Indians only buy slat form the government and had to pay taxes. Eventually about 60,000 people including Ghandi were arrested
  • Persia becomes Iran

    In 1925 Persias new leader Reza Shah Pahlavi set out to modernize the country he established public schools built roads and railroads, and in 1935 changed the name to Iran
  • Britain Grants Limited Self Rule

    in 1935 the British Parliament passed the Government of India act. It provided local selof-government and limited democratic elections, but not total independence.
  • Mustafa Kemal Dies

    Mustafa Kemal the "Father of the Turks" has died at the age of 57. He gave Turkey a very good influence and made them move forward