Girl writing

The Writing Process

  • Prewriting

    Time Kids
    Visit this site to see how other students get started.
    1. Decide your purpose or audience. Who are you writing to or for?
    2. Brainstorming. What do you want to write about?
    3. Form. What kind of writing are you going to create? Letter? Nonfiction story? Fiction story?
  • Writing

    Graphic organizers
    Click this link to find the graphic organizer you want to use to get your creative ideas flowing!
    1. Organize your ideas.
    2. Voice-this is how the story is told.
    3. Word choice
    4. Sentence fluency-make your sentences detailed and interesting
  • Responding

    Conference checklist
    Before conferencing with your teacher and peer, print the first page of checklist from the link. Complete the top portion of checklist on your own.
    1. Teacher/peer conference
    2. Student/peer conference
  • Revising

    Get a copy of the CUPS revision checklist from the writing station.
    1. Clarifying
    2. Reorganizing
    3. Refining
    4. Using precise language
    How can I make this story better?
    Does it make sense?
    Did I include a beginning, middle, and end?
    Did I address all of my conference issues and make changes?
  • Editing

    Editing wheel
    Print and create your editing wheel before getting started.
    Editing means making changes, when needed to:
    •Verb tense
    •Grammatical constructions
    •Visual presentation
  • Publishing/Sharing

    KidscomBulletin board
    Performance: Breakfast Club puppet theater
    School Newspaper: Submit to Ms. Arnett
    Author's Chair
    Website: click the link