Vladimir lenin

Vladimir Lenin's Life (By Edwin)

  • Birth of Vladmir Ilyich Ulyanov, later known as Lenin, in Simbirsk, Russia

    Birth of Vladmir Ilyich Ulyanov, later known as Lenin, in Simbirsk, Russia
  • Period: to

    Vladmir Ilyich Lenin's Life

  • Vladimir's father dies.

  • Vladimir's older brother Alexander executed for his involvement in a failed plot to kill Csar Alexander III.

  • Vladimir Ilyich enrolls in Kazan University. In December he is arrested for participating in student protests and is expelled.

  • Gains license to practice law.

  • Vladimir Ilyich is exiled to Shushenskoye in Siberia.

  • Vladimir marries M.K. Krupskaya.

  • Siberian exile ends. Vladimir Ilyich settles in Pskov.

  • Vladimir Ilyich leaves Russia for Europe to begin publishing activities. Vladimir settles in Munich in September.

  • First issue of Vladimir Ilyich’s paper, Iskra, is published.

  • Bloody Sunday in St. Petersburg. Revolution of 1905 begins.

  • Lenin settles in Geneva.

  • Germany declares war on Russia. WWI begins.

  • Czar Nicholas II resigns position. The Provisional Government is formed in Russia.

  • Lenin and his party arrive in Petrograd after transiting Germany in a sealed train.

  • Lenin publishes the April Theses, calling for the overthrow of the Provisional Government ,and redefining Bolshevik tactics.

  • The Soviet Government is formed, with Lenin as Chairman, thus becoming leader of Russia.

  • Lenin closes the Constituent Assembly.

  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ends hostilities with Germany.

  • Lenin and the Soviet Government move to Moscow.

  • Fanny Kaplan attempts assassination of Lenin. Lenin is wounded.

  • Lenin suffers his first stroke.

  • Lenin’s makes his last public speech.

  • Lenin suffers his second stroke.

  • It is ordered that Lenin is kept in isolation.

  • Lenin writes his last document; Better Fewer, But Better, on the reorganisation and reduction in size of the Soviet government.

  • Lenin suffers his third stroke, and is no longer able to speak.

  • Lenin is emoved to a Party sanitorium at Gorki.

  • Lenin dies from his fourth stroke.

    Lenin dies from his fourth stroke.