Industrial Revolution 14195

By 14195
  • John Kay

    John Kay
    Flying Shuttle
  • James Hargreaves

    James Hargreaves
    Spinning Jenny
  • Eli Whitney

    Eli Whitney
    Cotton Gin
  • Capitalism

    Thomas Malthus
  • William Cockerill

    William Cockerill
    Carried secret plans for spinning machinery which led to an enormous industrial enterprise
  • Unions

    People began creating unions to bargain for better working conditions and higher pay
  • Robert Fulton

    Robert Fulton
  • Socialism

    Charles Fourier
  • Francis Cabot Lowell

    Francis Cabot Lowell
    Revolutionized the American textile industry
  • Robert Owen

    Robert Owen
    Improved working conditions for his employees
  • Utilitarianism

    Jeremy Bentham
  • Abolition of Slavery

    Abolition of Slavery
    Wilberforce was a member of Parliament who led the fight for the end of the slave trade
  • Communism

    Karl Marx
  • Women

    Women had higher wages than at home but made only one-third as much money as men did
  • Martin Brothers

    Developed the open-hearth steel furnace
  • U.S.

    Slavery ended in the United States after the Unioin won the Civil War
  • Cyrus Field

    Cyrus Field
    Transatlantic Cable
  • Rudolf Diesel

    Rudolf Diesel
    Diesel Engine
  • Jane Addams

    Jane Addams
    Set up Hull House in Chicago for poor residents of Ssum neighborhoods
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford
    Brought in mass production of the automobile