winter war

  • invite

    Finns invited to talks in Moscow
  • Period: to

    winter war

  • talks between leaders

    talks between leaders
    Talks began in Moscow between Stalin and Paasikivi. Stalin presented his territorial demands to the Finns.
  • Russia says no

    Russia says no
    Russia rejected Finland’s counter-proposals.
  • Finns reject

    Finns reject
    Finns finally reject Russia’s demands
  • war

    Russia decided on war with Finland. Steps were taken in Russia to set up a puppet Finnish government.
  • diplomatic

    Russia broke off diplomatic relations with Finland.
  • here they come

    here they come
    russia invades finland
  • hold off

    hold off
    finland holds off russia until late december
  • get that ouuta here

    get that ouuta here
    russia is expelled from the league of nations
  • big victory

    big victory
    Finnish victory at Summosalmi
  • comin in hot

    comin in hot
    Major Russian offensive began
  • help is coming

    help is coming
    allies come and agree to help the fins
  • this has got to stop

    this has got to stop
    Finnish Cabinet expressed a desire for peace as Finnish forces on the Karelian isthmus started to crumble.
  • retreat

    Finnish troops withdrew from the Karelian isthmus
  • giving in

    Finns decide to accept Russian peace terms as a basis for negotiations.
  • its over!

    its over!
    Treaty of Moscow ends the war.