Zaynab And Pip

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    Pip's Life

  • Pip's First Encounter with Magwitch

    Pip first speaks with Magwitch, which is significant because this is the event that allows Pip to get educated in London later on in his life
  • Pip Meets Miss Havisham and Estella

    This is the first time that Pip is introduced to Miss Havisham, but more importantly, falls in love with Estella and decides that he must become a gentleman to win her heart. This is significant because Estella becomes Pip's reason to try to better himself
  • Mr. Jagger takes Pip to London

    Mr. Jagger informs Pip of someone becoming his benefactor and paying for him to become a gentleman. This is significant because Pip sheds his old commmer ways to become a proper gentleman, but in the process loses Joe and Biddy.
  • Mrs. Joe Dies

    Mrs. Joe dies after complications following her attack. This is significant because Mrs. Joe was a big factor in the way that Pip was brought up, when she dies it symbolizes the breaking of the final string that attached Pip to his family in Kent.
  • Magwitch Returns to Pip

    Magwitch's return is significant because Magwitch is the missing puzzle peice to all the subplots of Pip's life, such as Estella's parentage, Miss Havisham's fiance, and the second convict.
  • Pip confrims that Magwitch was his Benefactor

    The reason that Pip finding out Magwtich is his benefactor that Pip thoughts that he and Estella were being set up together by Miss Havisham are shattered.
  • Pip discovers Estella is to marry Drummle

    Pip finds out that Estella is going to marry Bentley Drummle, who Pip finds repulsive. This is where Pip learns to be mature because he asks that even if Estella doesn't marry him, he asks that she doesn't marry Drummle because Pip wants the best for her. Pip also loses his purpose in life, which was to win over Estella.
  • Birthday

    I was born, and this is significant because it was the start of my life.
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    Zaynab's Life

  • I Moved to Anaheim

    I moved from Paramount to Anaheim, and this is significant because this was my first big adjustment from moving to a new town, new school, new friends. It taught me to adjust to what life throws at me and do the best I can do with it.
  • I got my Chinchilla

    This was the day I got my chinchilla, Chuba. This is significant to me because it is part of my identity. Everyone knows me as a girl who loves chinchillas, which says something about my personality, that I am unique.
  • Fatimah Had Her Surgery

    This was the day that my older sister got her ACL surgery, which was significant to me even though it didn't happen directly to me. The reason I find this significant is she should me that through a long, painful recovery period that sometimes things take a long time, but it will always make you a stonger person.
  • I Spoke at Graduation

    I read my speech summerizing the year, which wsa chosen from all the kids in my class. The significance of this was that I overcame my fear of public speaking and it made me a more confident speaker and able to voice my opinion
  • I Recieved the American Legion Award

    I received a award and medal at my graduation known as the American Legion Award. This was the first time I had recieved an award that was very hard to attain, because only one boy and one girl in each graduating class recieved one. I learned that I have the potential to do great things if I put my mind to it.
  • I started Junior High

    The significance of me starting junior high at Oxford is that I was taking a new step in my life. I changed from being in one class, with one teacher to having 8 classes and 8 different teachers. I learned to adjust to teacher's teaching style and new envioroment.