Zach & Steve

By zshuler
  • Four Americian Warships Entered Edo Bay

    Tokyo Bay. Political, Military. This event allowed the United States and Japan to sign the Treaty of Kanagawa. WHich called for peace between the two countries and promise the two countries would trade with each other.
  • Sinking of the USS Maine

    Havana Harbor, and Cuba. Military, Political. USS Maine Sank then her forward gunpower exploded.
  • US Takes Alaska

    Alaska's political/economic. This helped for more land.
  • Pan-Americian Conference

    Washington. Political, Economic. This was a conference between the United States and The Latin Americian countries in which they would discuss ways the Americian nations could work together to support peace and to increase trade.
  • Annexing Hawaii - Annexation of Hawaii

    1. Hawaii. Political, Military and Economic. In 1893 the Planters staged on uprising to overthrow the Queen and without Presidential approval; Marines Stormed the Islands.
  • Spanish - American War

    Spain and United States Military. The victory gained several island possesions spanning the globe and a new debate over the wisdom of expansion.
  • Open Door Policy

    United States and China. Political and Economic. This was a policy in 1898 which allowed muliple Imperial powers access to China. It was recognized at the Berlin Conference of 1885.
  • foraker Act

    Puerto rico: militaty:
    established civillian goverment the island of peroto rico, which had been newly acuired by the united states as a result of the spanish american war.
  • Platt Amendment

    Cuba Military. This saved our troops whom were in cuba.
  • Panama Canal

    1. Panama's economic. It is a 48 mile man built ship canal that joins the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific as well as a key conduit for international maritime trade.
  • Great White Fleet

    The United States military. This helped their military to be able to go over seas, it is now called the navy.
  • The sinking of the Lusitania

    Also January 1917. USA Military. These two events led the United States into WWI.