Yellowstone park

Yellowstone National Park

  • Mammoth!

    When I entered Mammoth, I looked around in this small village. There were allot of bars and other cool places, it made me think of Texas and those other cowboy films!
  • Period: to

    YellowStone Park

  • First Trip With My Guide!

    First Trip With My Guide!
    The first day, we went to the cabbin of the Yellowstone guides. We met our guide, she was called Cristy. She showed us some bear skulls and a skull of an elk.
  • Our Dnnner at the Restaurant...

    Our Dnnner at the Restaurant...
    when I entered the restaurant, I thought it would be a shabby place. Actually when I entered it was a big place with all kinds of stuff. I really enjoyed the place!
  • Early Morning...

    Early Morning...
    When we woke up at 6... We went to the Yellowstone Waterfall... It was the biggest one I ever saw! when I stood at the top, I was so afraid that a rock would break off and fall down... I was thinking if you fall down there, it's the end...
  • Wolves Found!

    Wolves Found!
    I was searching the fields hoping to find something... My mom told me to go, but I stayed for 1 more minute... Then I suddenly saw a gray wolf appearing from the bush! Unfortuanatly, I was the onlyone to see him :( my brothers didn't believe me but I'm sure I saw the Woolf in the bushes!
  • Animal Searching!

    Animal Searching!
    When we were driving past the Yellowstone Valley, we had giant telescopes were we would search the fields for animals. We had lunch for 1 hour and when we were about to go, I saw a bison 5 meters away from our bus! That was the first Bison all of us saw on our trip to Yellowstone Nationsal Park!
  • Watrfalls Day!!!

    Watrfalls Day!!!
    Today we went to all kinds off waterfalls, incuding this one ( shown in the image at the right). I liked the view of the waterfalls when we were painting at luch, I made the Yellowstone Waterfall and some animals.
  • Geysers In the Air!

    Geysers In the Air!
    When I first saw a geyser, I wanted to know how hot the water actually was, then my guide took out a tempreture gun and gave it to me. I tried differend things including hot springs and mudpods, very hot mud that blows up.