Year 7 Maths Lessons

  • we did work on cuboid nets

  • accurate nets

  • L.O. To recognise and draw accurate nets of cuboids

    Skills learnt.........
    to recognise cuboid nets.
    to draw cuboid nets accuratley by using a ruler.
    to visulise nets folding to make cuboids.
  • homework

    accurate nets/open top box i found ths difficult at the start because i had missed 1-2 maths lessons getting it accurate is what i found difficult
  • we marked our homework about nets of cuboids

  • L.O. To draw plan and elevation of complex shapes involving angled sides

  • L.O. To reflect polygons horiontally vertically and diagonally in labelled lines of reflections.

  • enlarge with centre of enlargements

    This is when we started to enlarge the shape from a specific place i found this really easy.
  • enlargements with centre (1/2)

    In class we learned how to make a shape smaller, to half th enlargements. I found it ok at the start and progessed through the lesson.
  • we did negative shapes wich would make the shapes smaller .

    In class we marked our homework on the board out of 2 marks i got one i learned from this and now know how to easily enlarge that shape.