year 7 maths class

  • time toast

    we created a time towast acount and recognise nets of cubeoid
  • homework

    i completed my home on this day which was drawng varous nets of a cubeiod
  • homework

    i completed the home work on this day
  • nets

    drawwing accurate nets of hard 3d shapes
  • plans and elevations

    we lernt how to draw thw plan and the 2 elevations and also lernt how to draw them and extract them from various 3d shapes
  • reflecting poygons

    to reflet polygons horizontily verticly and diagnogly in labbled lines of reflection. i feel i have done very well and have understod it
  • tetris

    we played a game of tetris put using vectors and rotations
  • enlargement

    we lernt how to enarge shapes and how to put a shape to a scale factor