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WWI and Russian Revolution Timeline

  • Lenin's Exhile

    Lenin's Exhile
    Vladimir Lenin is arrested, kept in solitary confinement for 13 months, and exhiled to siberia for multiple years. This is where he begins the building of the Bolshevik party. The Bolshevik party will later be placed in power of Russia.
  • Period: to

    The Split

    The RSDLP meeting is held, and between these dates, the party splits into two factions. The first is the Mensheviks and the second is the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks will be mainly led by Lenin throughout the Russian revolution. This split further weakens conrtrol in Russia.
  • RR: Bloody Sunday

    RR: Bloody Sunday
    Peaceful protestors in Petersburg Russia are mowed down my Russian troops while attemptinga march to give a message to the Czar. These workers were led by priest Georgy Apollonovich Gapon, and demanded reform. From here on, groups like the Bolsheviks grow in power as the Czar refuses reform.
  • The October Manifesto

    The October Manifesto
    In a struggle to stay in power and after Bloody Sunday only making things worse, the October Manifesto is issued. It promises civil liberties and an elected parliament. This parliament is called Duma.
  • The Fundamental Laws

    The Fundamental Laws
    The constitution is written to support the promises made by the October Manifesto. It is titled the Fundamental Laws of 1906. It makes the Czar seem more balanced, but will eventually make Lenin's grasp easier to tighten.
  • Rasputin is Murdered

    Rasputin is Murdered
    Rasputin claims to have healing powers. After having "demonstrated" this as truth, he gained the Czarina's ear. Nobody, the aristocracy or the peasents, liked the idea of such a lowlife sleeping with the Czarina. He is seen as what is hurting Russia and is murdered.
  • WWI: The Archduke is Assassinated

    WWI: The Archduke is Assassinated
    History's DescriptionArchduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated by Gavrilo Princep while visiting Sarajevo. Gavrilo was the leader of the Black Hand, a nationalist group in Bosnia. The assassination was done in the belief that Bosnia should be Serbian and not Austro-Hungarian.
  • America Remains Neutral

    America Remains Neutral
    More on Peace Without VictoryOn August 19, 1914, America announces it will remain neutral in the war currently overseas. As we know now, it will not last the duration of what we know as WWI. Woodrow Wilson was much to invested in ending world conflict and wished to bring peace to the globe.
  • First Battle of the Marne Begins

    First Battle of the Marne Begins
    More on the Battle of the MarneOn September 15, soldiers dig in for trench warfare at the First Battle of the Marne. As Germany advances into France, the French preare somewhat of a surprise attack. The French, along with some British aid, successfully stop the German advance.
  • England Declares North Sea a War Zone

    England Declares North Sea a War Zone
    On November 3, 1914, Great Brittain declares the North Sea a war zone. The signifigance of this is that it cuts off many of the trade routes to Germany. This contributes largely to the slow dwindling of resources over the course of WWI.
  • The Christmas Truce

    The Christmas Truce
    One of the truest acts of goodwill occurred on December 24. The soldiers on opposite sides of No Man's Land set aside their weapons and joined each other in the area between their trenches. While it may not have shown signifigance in the long run, it shows that with more examination, you can see that war is between countries rather than men,
  • The Second Battle of Yrpes Begins

    The Second Battle of Yrpes Begins
    LEARN ABOUT MUSTARD GAS!At first glance, this may seem to be just another battle, but I have included it for a particular reason. The Second Battle of Yrpes is the first time Germans use poison gas. Throughout WWI, poison gas (of multiple types) will turn the favor of battles and can be a major deciding factor in who walks away the victor.
  • Sinking of the RMS Lusitania

    Sinking of the RMS Lusitania
    The Lusitania, a British passenger ship (no matter how many armaments it was transporting), is sunk by a German U-Boat. Thousands die and becomes much more necessary to control Germany's actions, most of which are now war crimes.
  • The Battle of Verdun Begins

    The Battle of Verdun Begins
    The Battle of Verdun The Battle of Verdun is the longest and bloodiest battle of World War I. Faught between German and French Troops on the Western Front, an estimate from 2000 believes 714,231 are to have occured, making this a slaughterhouse. Other, more recent, estimates support up to as many as 1,250,000 casualties.
  • The Zimmerman Telegram

    The Zimmerman Telegram
    Von EckhertGermany sends a sercret telegram to Mexico on the seventeenth of January in an attempt to entice Mexico into an alliance with Germany in the case of the US entering the war. It is intercepted by the British and enrages the American people, really pushing the idea of US involvement in WWI.
  • February Revolution Begins

    February Revolution Begins
    The February Revolution began on March 8, 1917 with absolutely no leader. It spontaneously occurs and destabilizes Czar Nicholas II, who abdicated along with his son, and when everyone denies the throne, a Provisional Government is formed. This will make the October riots much easier and allows Lenin his in.
  • The Abdication

    The Abdication
    Czar Nicholas II abdicates along with his son after the Febrary Revolution, making it a success. The Czar's brother, Mikhail, denies the throne leaving no true heir. A provisional government is enstated, making Lenin's return much easier.
  • America Declares War

    America Declares War
    On April 6, 1917, America declares war on Germany after the influence of the Zimmerman Telegram. The signifigance of this event is obvious as introduced a new threat to Germany and their allies. America will proove a deciding force in the war and will nearly decimate Germany economically along with England and France.
  • Lenin Returns

    Lenin Returns
    Lenin returns from exhile via a sealed train. He arrives in Petrograd and begins readying the Bolsheviks for the October Revolution.
  • The July Days Begin

    The July Days Begin
    The Bolsheviks being trying to attack the provisional government. Spontaneous outbursts happen around Petrograd and Lenin attempts to focus them and utilize them. This fails, however, and he is forced into hiding.
  • The October Revolution

    The October Revolution
    The Bolsheviks now control Petrograd after successfully destabilizing the provisional government. The next day, they attack the Winter Palace, the last hold-out of the P.G. and Sovnarkom, led by Lenin, controls Russia.
  • The 14 Points

    The 14 Points
    The Fourteen PointsPresident Woodrow Wilson issues his Fourteen Points on this day, showing his genuine want for clobal peace. However, with its proposition of many ideas that cannot be truly monitored such as decreasing armaments in countries around the world, it is not a true success.
  • Calendar Conversion

    Calendar Conversion
    The new Bolshevik power converts Russia from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, putting them at the same time as the rest of the world. This is a first demonstration of Bolshevik power and alligns them with the rest of the globe.
  • Treaty of Brest Litovsk

    Treaty of Brest Litovsk
    On this day, the Russians sign the Treaty of Brest Litovsk, which puts peace between Russia and the Central Powers. This treaty happens to put the Baltics in the hands of the Germans; however, this placement doesn't last long as the Treaty of Versailles is written in 1919, which punishes Germany in many ways, including the removal of this land from their repertoir.
  • The Communist Party

    The Communist Party
    The Bolshevik Party converts its name to the Communist Party. I see this as the first show of true colors by the Bolsheviks to the rest of the world. It marks the beginnings, also, of the Soviet Union.
  • Czar Nicholas' Family is Executed

    Czar Nicholas' Family is Executed
    Czar Nicholas II and his entire family are executed in Russia now the the Communist Party is completely in place. This marks the true end of the past government and the beginning of Communism as we know it. The USSR is soon enstated.
  • The Armistace

    The Armistace
    The Armistace INFOGermany signs the armistace on November 11, 1918, marking a German cease-fire on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. This will much later be known nationally as Veteran's Day in America.
  • The Treaty of Versailles

    The Treaty of Versailles
    The Treaty of Versailles marks the official ending of WWI globally on June 28, 1919. This is coincidentally five years exactly after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Princep. It enstated immense war reperations on Germany, which would not have a specific value for some time.
  • Lenin Dies

    Lenin Dies
    After Lenin dies in 1924, the General Secretary, Joseph Stalin, will be his successor. Stalin will go on to lead the USSR (a communist ally) into WWII. He serves Lenin's legacy well and carries communism in Russia.