WW1 history

  • invention of the steam engine

    it was invented by thomas newcomen. it was used to pump water out of mines, james watt updated the model
  • Period: to

    the idustrial revolution

    it is when people transmitted from making things by hand to using machines. the trasition included going from using wood and other bio-fuels to using coal. another major development is the steam engine. it began in europe.
  • Period: to

    child labour

    kids were able to work, they weren't allowed to work over more than 12 hours, and they weren't allowed to work at night.
  • suez canal

    the suez canal is located in Egypt, its a waterway made by humans, for transportation. the suex canal connects the medterranean sea and the red sea
  • Period: to

    Europe controlled 84% of the globe

    60 000 slave per year
  • austrlia federated

    the federation of australia was when all states formed to be one nation. sir edmond barton became the first primeminister.
  • invention of the aeroplane

    it was invented by Wilbur and Orville Wright. the first successful flight was a man who flew on it, he flew 120 feet high in 12 seconds.
  • the panama canal

    the panama canal connects the atlantic ocean and the pacific ocean. the panama canal was made to make the trading goods easier because it is a shorter ride. it was made so that ships avoid sailing around the dangerous tio of africa
  • Period: to

    World War 1

    world war 1, also called the great war, was centered in europe, a cause of the war was the great power of europe. mpre than 9 million people were killed from the war. the era of the making of the modern world has ended as the great war began.