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Transportation in the Industrial Revolution

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    Improvments Change Britian's Way of Living

    These improvements that brtains locals are making change history for all of us. They create a base for the future to lift off of. Techniques, inventions, creations, ideas, and thoughts are put into use for the future.
  • James Watt

    James Watt
    Scottish inverntor and mechanical engineer. He made improvements to the Newcomen steam engine.
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    Canal's were built during this time. They were good for work, transportation, trading, recreational, and ect. reasons. England had over 3,875 miles of navigatible water, that they could use.
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    Improvements Made

    Now there are 1000 miles of improved roads. People wont have to suffer as much from the qualities in the road. they can enjoy the smoother roads not dread the thought of driving.
  • England's Canals

    England's Canals
    England now has 3,875 miles of navigatable water ways. They started to make more after the Duke's of Bridgewater since it was a great idea.
  • Roads are Important

    Roads are Important
    Now England had a 1000 roads that were smooth and easy to use. They are now easy for people to use daily. They sdont have to worry about a broken wheel or a broken back.
  • The Duke of Bridgewater

    The Duke of Bridgewater
    The duk of Bridgewater's canal was made they started on 1759 and they finished building it 5 years later.
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    The Industrial Revolution

    This is the time span for the Industrial revolution.
  • Richard Trevithick

    Richard Trevithick
    Richard Trevithick-He was a British Engineer
    He constructed the first railway for steam locomotives
  • Robert Fulton

    Robert Fulton
    Robert Fulton- He built the irst commercially successful steam boat.
    He showed everyone his creation in New York City to Albany. He used the Hudson River to show everyone his creation for transportation.
  • Ismbard Kingdom Brunel

    Ismbard Kingdom Brunel
    English mechanical and civil engineer biult dock yards. He built these for the steam boats in Britain.
  • Matthew Murray

    Matthew Murray
    Matthew Murray- He built rail-rack locomotives. He made the locmotives for the railways that were being costructed at the time.
  • William Hedley

    William Hedley
    William Hedley- He made the first two smooth rail locmotives. He made the ride and the car smooth. You can enjoy the smooth roads and the fancy loooking car on the inside and out.
  • Wylam

    Wylam- A colliery tramways called- "Puffing Billy" and the " Wylam Dilly" they both still exist to this day.
  • George Stephenson

    George Stephenson
    George Stephenson- He upgraded the smooth looking and working locomotives. He made minor upgrades but in the end he made a great change.
  • John Loudon McAdam

    John Loudon McAdam
    John Loudon McAdam- He was a Scottish engineer and he developed a new process for road construction. The technique he created is called the macadam. This resulted in roads were smoother and more durable and wasn't as muddy.
  • Stockson and Darlington Railway

    Stockson and Darlington Railway
    this railway company operated int he northeast England to use steam locomotives.They were Britain's forst public railway to use steam locomotives.
  • Railway

    Now the first public railway was made, now to make it public they opened it to the public. They opened it for the publics use and people used it everyday.
  • Liverpool and Manchester

    Liverpool and Manchester
    Britian was the first place to offer a railway regular time-timetabled passager services.
  • Regulation by Parilment

    Regulation by Parilment
    Parilment has made a act on future railways, some regulations for building it and making them.
  • William Brigdes Adams

    William Brigdes Adams
    William Bridges Adams- he desgined a small locomotive that carried it's own coal and water without a seperate tank. Thus calling it the "Tank Engine".
  • George Henry Corliss

    George Henry Corliss
    George Henry Corliss- patented a semi-rotary or rocking valve for steam engines.
  • John Ramsbottom

    John Ramsbottom
    John Ramsbottom- compleeted his DX class goods of locomotives. 942 of those were to follow for his creations.
  • Land Mark

    Land Mark
    Britian had more than 6,000 miles of railroad track. Britian left a mark for transportation later in life.