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Industrial Revolution

By Matt559
  • European Settlement

    European Settlement is established in Australia and the Industrial Revolution is in its early stages
  • Coal Is Discovered

    On this date, coal was discovered in Australia at the mouth of the Hunter River in New South Wales by an escaping convict, William Bryant
  • The Second Discovery of Coal

    Coal is discovered for the second time by William Clarke on the south coast of New South Wales. This resource was very important for the Industrial Revolution as it served as a source of power/fuel
  • A Coal Mine is Established

    The first Australian coal mine is established at the mouth of the hunter river
  • A Permanent Settlement is Established

    3 years after the first coal mine, a permanent settlement is established by Governor King, by the name of Newcastle. This settlement became the center of all coal trade
  • The Steam Engine

    The first steam engine arrives in New South Wales, and installed in John Dickson's fourmill at Darling Harbour
  • Mill Establishment

    Simeon Lord estblishes a mill in Sydney, and agrees with Governor Macquarie to mill, dye and dress cloth from the Female Factory and Parramatta
  • Paddle Steamer

    The first paddle steamer, by the name of "Sophia Jane" is introduced in Australian waters. Built in England, it was shipped to Sydner in 1831. Another steamer, "the Surprise", set sail for the first time from Sydney to Parramatta on 1 June the same year.
  • Second Textile Factory

    Another textile factory is established at Blackwattle Bay, Sydney. Claiming to manufacture the "finest as well as the coarsest cloths"
  • Period: to

    Mass Production of Iron and Steel

    The establishment of an engineering school forced greater numbers in the engineering works, which then required greater amounts of iron and steel. the total amount of iron and steel was believed to be about 13,000 tonnes within this time
  • Multiple Mills

    By now, there are seven woollen mills in New South Wales and by 1841 most people dressed in tweeds made at parramatta. The production of woollen cloth reached 235,000 yards per annum in 1852
  • Wider Use of Engines

    By now, a total of 36 steam engines have been built and installed, with 26 based in flourmills and 10 in other industries
  • Sydney Foundry and Engineering Works

    Peter Russell takes over the Sydney Foundry and Engineering Works on this date, This was believed to be the first foundry established in Australia, producing iron and brass castings, stoves, gratings, railings and acrhitectural columns, plus multiple different steam-engine parts. Peter donated two large sums to the University of Sydney to establish an engineering school.
  • Iron and Steel Smelting Establishment

    The first iron and steel smelting industry was attempted, but soon was closed due to economical failure by 1877
  • Construction of Railways Commences

    In New South Wales, the Sydney Railway Company commences construction on the first railways
  • Opening of Goldfields

    Rapid openings of goldfields commence in the 1850's, with large demands for picks, shovels and the various tools required for gold mining
  • The Gold Rush Begins

  • Steamship Services

    Steamships were becoming a common part of life, running services between Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Moreton Bay, Adelaide and Tasmania
  • Railways are Built

    The first Australian railways are built in Victoria, between Melbourne's Flinders Street Station and Port Melbourne
  • Repair Increase

    With so many steam engines, there is an increased need for repairs and maintenance on machines, leading to the growth of iron foundries and the engineering industry. On this date, Scottt Clow and Prebble opened the first cast-iron foundry in Melbourne
  • Steam Driven Sewing Machines

    treadle and steam-powered sewing machines are put to use in melbourne clothing factories, less than a decade after the developement of the same equipment in the United States
  • Rolling Mill Establishment

    Enoch Hughes establishes a rolling mill in Melbourne
  • Large Use of Engines

    By this date, 342 steam engines are used around Australia to pump water from goldmines, speeding up the process of gold mining
  • Iron and Steel Works

    Enoch Hughes plays a huge role in the establishment of an iron and steel works in Lithgow, New South Wales. Ballarat has gained a total of ten foundries, eight for mining equipment and two for producing and repairing farming equipment
  • Tasmanian Railway

    A railway 72 kilometres long is built in Tasmania between the northern towns of Lanceston and Deloraine
  • Private Timber Railway

    A private timber railway from Lockville to Yoganup is opened and the first to operate in Western Australia
  • Iron and Steel Smelting Second Attempt

    A second establishment was made for iron and steel smelting, eventually becoming Lal Lal Iron Mining Co. Ltd in 1874.
  • Queensland's First Railways

    The first railway in Queensland ran from Ipsqich to Grandchester, which was extended further to the Darling Downs before being connected with Brisbane
  • First Government Railway

    The first Government railway is opened between Geraldton and Northampton
  • Discovery of Tin

    Charles Rasp discovers tin on the "broken hill", in western New South Wales. The Broken Hill Mining Company is then established by seven men
  • Creation of the BHP

    The Broken Hill Mining Company is morphed into the Broken Hill Propriety Company Limited (BHP). Mining of silver, lead and zinc begins
  • Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited

    Australia establishes its first major mining and steel production company
  • Northern Territory Railways

    Further railways, at a length of 253 kilometres are built and become operational
  • Port Pirie Smelting

    Smelting Commences at Port Pirie
  • Lead Export

    The first export of lead to China is sent by BHP
  • Period: to


    Towards the end of the century, a severe recession slows the process of the industrialisation
  • Leases are Obtained

    Leases are obtained over Iron Knob and Iron Baren iron-ore deposits in South Australia
  • Iron-Ore Mining Commences

    BHP begins mining iron-ore at Iron Knob
  • Australian Capital Territory Railways

    a 10 kilmometre branch line opens between Queanbeyan, NSW and Canberra
  • BHP Steelworks Operation

    BHP begins a steelworks operation at Newcastle