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Overview 1750-1900

  • Newcomen's Steam Engine

    Newcomen's Steam Engine
    Thomas Newcomen made a steam engine to pmup water up form mines to make it easier to mine but it did not work very well as i did not carry enough water
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    Overview 1750-1900

  • Steam ships

    Steam ships
    they made the steam ship so they can ship thing much faster and also make it more efficient
  • Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution
    Industrial Revolution made the life easier for lost of people as it made less man work, Industrial Revolution changed everything by making all machines easier to use by using steam instead of man power.
  • Spinning jenny

    Spinning jenny
    The spinning jenny is a multi-spool spinning frame. It was invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves in Stanhill, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire in England. The device reduced the amount of work needed to produce yarn, with a worker able to work eight or more spools at once. This grew to 120 as technology advanced
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  • Steam engine

    Steam engine
    A steam engine is a engine that uses boiling water to produce movement or other types of activities.
  • Captian Cook Found Australia

    Captian Cook Found Australia
    Captian cook found Australia and took it from the aboriginals on the date of 1770
  • Migration

    al ot of people Migrated thorough Europep
  • Indoor plumbing

    Indoor plumbing
    Indoor plumbing was added into rich peoples homes and also work places
  • Cheap iron

    Cheap iron
    iron was getting cheaper and cheaper because with the new pump they could find it a lot easier
  • Frence Revolution

    Frence Revolution
    At this point in time the french revolution happend
  • The Sewing Machine

    The Sewing Machine
    A sewing machine is a machine used to stitch fabric and other materials together with thread. Create by Thomas Saint
  • Coton Gin

    Coton Gin
    A cotton gin is a machine that separates cotton fibers from their seeds create by Eli Whitney
  • James Watt's Steam Engine

    James Watt's Steam Engine
    this was very similar to Newcomer's steam engine because this one worked very well and was much more efficient compared to Newcomer's Steam engine
  • Miner's lamph

    Miner's lamph
    this was made for miners to work all day long in the dark or in light they still can with the Miner's lamp
  • Growth in population

    Growth in population
    Europe became very populated becuase of the amount of jobs that where there also it was a lot safer then other countires
  • teleegraph

    the telegraph was made to send a message to firends or workers it was also used to warn people about in coming wars
  • Myall Creek Massacre

    Myall Creek Massacre
    The massacre was not famous because of what happened to the Aboriginals but what happened to the white settlers. after they murdered 28 aboriginal people 7 of the white settlers where hanged the other 3 got away
  • Bicycle

    this was made to get around places and also for entertainment
  • no more women or children in the mines

    no more women or children in the mines
    the new law was that wemon and children where no longer aloud to work undergoround as it was unsafe and unfair for them as they could not do all of it very well
  • Government

    a goverment got put into place in most countires and this made the country run a lot smoother
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    The Gold Rush was when Australia found a lot of Gold and made Australia much richer and we where able to buy more thing for our country
  • First AFL game

    First AFL game
    The game was played between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar. with scotch College winning by over 20 points
  • Traffic light

    Traffic light
    this stop deaths from car crashes and also keep the town under controll
  • More money for people

    More money for people
    people who had job got paid a lot more because the government gave more money out
  • better standard of living

    better standard of living
    People got better standerds of living because after they got a pay rise they where able to get things that will help them.
  • Typewriter

    this was used to write and also to make contact or document things.
  • first telephone in Melbourne

    first telephone in Melbourne
    Australia's first telephone was opened a year later in Collins Street
  • Sheering of the Rams

    Sheering of the Rams
    its a painting that shows how hard the Australians work for all this made by Tom Roberts
  • camera

    the camera helped make movies and also documentrys.
  • War world I

    War world I
    WW1 was started and losts of people died but this helped a few countires to get more money