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  • Archduke Assassinated

    Archduke Assassinated
    Archduke was assassinated on June 28th, 1914. Over the reason that the Black Hand was an nationalist and they wanted austria to give up control of a country in africa.
  • Austria Declares War On Serbia

    Austria Declares War On Serbia
    Austria declared war on serbia. Because they assassinated their archduke for an simple reason that didn't needed to get this deep, but serbia sent their nationalist after the Archduke
  • Germany Declares War On Russia

    Germany Declares War On Russia
    They declared on russia because germany was with serbia. Germany was with Serbia. So Russia sticked up for Austia. So Germany got all mad so now it is a 2v2.
  • Germany Declares War On France

    Germany Declares War On France
    Germany also got mad at France. Because they are sticking up for Russia and Austria. So Germany is marching on Belguiem which was a big problem so germany shoot at Beligum for no reason. Which also created problems with france. They though it wasn't right for Russia to do that
  • Japan v. Germany

    Japan v. Germany
    Japan Allied with Great Britan, so that means that Germany was battling Britan already. So it added Japan to help Britan. So now Germany has alot of problems
  • Turkey

    Turkeys goverment decided that they will become central powers to help Germany. So this means that Germany is gaining power more, and also catching up with
  • Ottoman Empire Enters War

    Ottoman Empire Enters War
    Russia Declares war on The Ottoman Empire out of no where. Which they wasn't doing nothing yet. So Russia is trying to gain power just like Germany. But soon it will end. They will learn their lessons
  • What they feared

    What they feared
    Most soldiers feared about the future. What would happen to them next. Who would attack us next. What would the Allied Powers do. What would the central. What about the goverment. Will I die in my sleep.
  • New Zealand?

    New Zealand?
    They decided to join and help the Suez canal. Against Ottoman's rage. They arrive in a bad time
  • Vet. Food

    Vet. Food
    He described how they had very little food, the food was very small. The beef was the size of a beef cube almost. Very limited food
  • The clothing

    The clothing
    The clothing they got was not ready for winter. Most of the water in the trench must of froze. The cold will produce more bactira to feed the trench foot. The winter would cause alot of frostbites
  • Gallipol Ends

    Gallipol Ends
    After almost a year of a major war of WW1, the allied power believe that The Ottoman Empire could easily overcome. But it was different when New Zealand came in the picture
  • Jutland The Marine War

    Jutland The Marine War
    This war was different than the others. It was on water. Most fought wars were on land. It was between the British and German Armies. But alot of causilties was because the high seas fleet. around a 100,000 men got killed by the fleet.
  • Battle Of Raffah

    Battle Of Raffah
    New Zealand Finally allies with The Ottoman Palestine
  • Battle Of Messines

    Battle Of Messines
    New Zealand's Division Decides to all of Messines. Which was a bad idea they had a bad lost 3,700 Casualties.
  • James Platt(Veteran)

    James Platt(Veteran)
    Of spring of 1918 was the most deadliest part of the world war, this is the time when most of the soilders died in front of him. The war uprised very aggresively.
  • Battle Of Amines

    Battle Of Amines
    The British General ordered the Britan army to attack German Port at Amines. And at the same time the allies got though the part to force bulgaria To force peace
  • Recover over France and Belgium

    Recover over France and Belgium
    Since the Allied Power almost took over most of Germany's Territory. In France and Belgium. It will give them an advantage in the ending of WW1. Which was known to them as the "Great War"
  • Armistice With Turkey

    Armistice With Turkey
    The Allies Had Pushed back the Turkish Army far back in a sneakful way. Which this part must had been the most fatal war in the 1900's for turkey or even all time. They forced the turkish to sign a Armistice. Now they have Less to focus on.
  • Kaiser

    Kaiser The second abdicated
  • The End

    The End
    As the war ended, the powers made a major Armistice for Germany. For stating the war. They had to pay the repairs. Claim Fault of The Great War