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By jgued1
  • Triple Alliance

    Triple Alliance
    Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy formed a 3 way alliance to help each other. This benefited with Trade, medicale supplies and Military help during wars.
  • Period: to

    Triple alliance

    Triple Alliance while it lasted
  • Back Hand United

    Back Hand United
    A secret millitary society of Serbians united togeth on the 6th of September 1901, calling themselves the Black hand.
  • Triple Entete

    Triple Entete
    Consists of France, Russia and Britain.
    Started off as only France and Russia in 1904. However Britain became allies with Russia. They then came together ad formed the Triple Entete
  • Franz Ferdinand

    Franz Ferdinand
    Franz ferdinand assasinated. (1863 - 1914)
  • austria-hungary

    Austria and Hungary seek support from Germany. Looking for allies against serbia.
  • Declaration of war

    Declaration of war
    Austria and hungary declare war on Serbia. Russia comes to serbia's rescue to help them as allies Picture, a promotion of war from Austria-Hungary. Showing themselves Winning over serbia
  • war on russia

    war on russia
    Germany declares war on Russia, after becomeing allies with Serbia. Fighting against their allies
  • Period: to

    World War 1

  • War on France

    War on France
    Germany declares war on France. Germany invades Belgium to get to France.
    By doing so, initiates the Schliffen Plan. Named after an ex-soldier of germany. The plan is to have waves of troops coming in from the north and the west to get to france, through belgium.
  • Brittain included

    Brittain included
    Brittain declares war on Germany because they are allies of France. Before this Brittain and Germany have been extremely close and together hated france. Brittain now hates germany with France
  • Battle - the Mons

    Battle - the Mons
    First Battle of WWI. Involved no trench warfare. The battle of the mons, was in Belgium. German Troops were fighting the British and French.
  • Russia defeated

    Russia defeated
    Russan army defeated at Tannenburg and Masurian Lakes
    eastern Border of Germany
  • Battle - river marne

    Battle - river marne
    After the BEF (british expeditionary force) and the french army retreated from the battle at Mons, they came to the river Marne. On September the 6th Germany attacked.
    This battle included trenches river Marne - 30 miles from Paris
  • Turkey

    Turkey started fighting with Germany.
    Trench warfare introduced to the Western Front Western Front:
    The border between Belgium and France
  • Gallipoli

    Allied troops landed at Gallipoli, Turkey. (the Australians). Trench warfare. The Turks had high ground, getting the advantage. In order for the Allied troops to get to the Turks, they had to run across a large area with no cover. picture - Australian Troops in Trench
  • Italy Declared War

    Italy Declared War
    Italy declared war on Germany and Austria-Hungary
  • Galipoli Evacuation

    Galipoli Evacuation
    The Australian allies of the Triple Entete started retreating to get away from the Turks after being defeated for the past 7 and a half months.
  • Conscription - Britain

    Conscription - Britain
    The law of Conscription began. Conscription,
    All people had to serve their Counrty for a certain amount of time. Occrred because Britain lost many of their men and resources.
    People could get out of Conscription bby being a conscientious objector. In order for them to do this there must be a real reason as to why they can't serve for thei country.
  • Mesopotamia

    British forces surrender to te Turks at Kut Mesopotamia.
    Mesopotamia is on the Eastern Border os Persia. Is a part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.
  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    The beginning of the battle at Somme.
    This battle originated because the French needed the Germans away from their Capital, Paris. The French and British Attacked the Germans up North. Making Germany remove some of their men to help out.
    Unfortunately this didn't go to plan with France and Britain. The French losing 200 000 men, the British losing 420 000, counting the 60 000 lost on the first day.
    This battle is the main source of Horror and leads us on how horrible the wars were.
  • New PM

    New PM
    Lloyd George becomes the British Prime MMinister.
  • New Weapons

    New Weapons
    3 new weapons were introduced to the war.
    Tanks, flamethrowers, and poison gas were all weapons used in WWI. Tanks made a big impact, because you could travel much safer and create more damage. Poison gas was probably one of the most useful weapon used in the war. It could make people blind and put a blanket of gas over a battle field hiding you from the enemy.
  • Unresticted Submarine Warfare

    Unresticted Submarine Warfare
    Germany'ss Unrestricted Submarine Warfare begins.
    The Submarine Warfare is one of the reasons why America Joined the war.
  • America joins

    America joins
    America declares war on Germany
  • Amistice

    Amistice was signed between Germanny and Russia
  • Flanders

    Germany started fighting at Flanders.
    Flanders is where we got the sign of rememberence - the poppy
    after the war, poppies started growing over all the bodies and throughout that field
  • Germany falling

    Germany falling
    the second battle at marne started.
    is also the beginning of Germany's collapse.
  • Turkey peace

    Turkey peace
    Turkey made peace with the other countries.
    They no longer contributed to the war
  • Austria - peace

    Austria - peace
    Austria also made peace with the other countries.
    no longer contributing to the war
  • End of WWI

    End of WWI
    Germany signed Armistice.
    This was the official end of world war one.
  • Paris peace

    Paris peace
    A peace conference was held at paris after the war. Decinding on new laws for war and how to end it
  • navy fleet

    navy fleet
    The German surrendered naval fleet was freed. most returning home to germany. others stopping for supplies