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    WWI Causes, Development and Afertmath

    Causes, development and afertmath
  • Franco-Prussian War Ends

    The French suffered a crushing defeat against the Prusians. This lead to a stronger German military and a Freanch nation desperate for revenge.
  • Wilhelm II

    By not signing a trteaty with Russia, Wilhelm II shatered any hope of peace between Russia and Austria-Hungary. He also made the alliance between France and Russia posible.
  • Russo-Japanise War Ends

    The defeat to the Japanese was a major blow for the Russians who lost almost entire Baltic and Pacific fleet. The defeat also provoked the Russian Revolution of 1905. Tensions between Russia and Austria-Hungary grew.
  • Entente Cordiale

    German navel power convince Great Britan to enter into an alliance with France. This alliance later became the Triple Entente.
  • Bosnian Annexation Crisis

    Austria-Hungary desided to annex Bosnia and Herzegovina that was formally an integral part of the Ottoman Empire. This caused embiterness in Serbia.
  • Moracan Crises Ends

    In a German attemt to pull Britain closer to the Central Powers failed, and did exactly the opposite. Britain's German resentment grew greatly because of it.
  • Italo-Turkish War Ends

    A defeat caused all of Europe to question the streangh of the Ottoman Empire, but posed no real threat to peace in Europe.
  • Balkan Wars

    Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and Bulgaria formed the Balkan League, a military alliance against the Ottoman Empire. Within a few months, the Balkan allies stripped the Ottoman Empire of its possessions in the Balkans and divided the conquered territory among themselves. This power shocked most of Europe.
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

    Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assasinated by Gabrielo Princip in the city of Sarajevo. This was the last straw before the war.
  • July Ultimatum

    The set of immposible demands made by Austria-Hungary in order to have an excuse to invade. A few days later, troops marched in and The Great War began.
  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.

    After the July Ultimatum was not met, war is declared, igniting The Great War
  • Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and Germany sign a treaty.

    This treaty was signed end kept in secret and ended up pulling the Ottoman Empire into the war.
  • Germany declares war on France.

    With the Russian's and the French fighting Austria-Hungary, what can Germany do? I know! Declare war on France.
  • Germany invades Belgium

    This ended up leading Britain to declare war on Germany. It was a mastake to go to Belgium.
  • Austria-Hungary invades Russia.

    People make some stupid moves in war, but this was one of the worst. Oh look, their three or four times as big as us. Lets invade them.
  • The Western Front

    The weastern front was full of horrors. Chemical and trench warfare. Many men died, but no ground was gained or lost. In the Christmas Truce of 1914(date above), men from both sides came out and gave gifts, despite shooting their comrades an hour or two erlier. Chemicals maimed and kille,d many people on the Western front.
  • Sinking of the RMS Lusitainia

    We don't want America in the war. Lets blow up a ship with 128 of them own their and hope they understand.
    Lucky for the Germans, they agreed to stop unresticted warfare and America stayed out for alittle while longer.
  • Kiffin Rockwell

    After being shot twice, Rockwell was afraid he would no longer be able to fight for the French forign forces. He flew for the French and on the day listed above, became the first American pilot to shoot down an enemy plane.
  • Sea Battles

    Navel Battles in WWI were obsolete. The Battle of Jutland (date above) is considered the only major navel battle in the war. However, U-boats were used to sink many ships in the war. Over 8 million tons of cargo sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic because of U-boats.
  • Tanks are Introduced

    British Mark I tanks were used in the Battle of Somme. Many broke down, but a third of them managed to break through.
  • The Zimmerman Telegram

    The Germans wanted to reorganize unrestricted submarine warfare, so they tried to send a telegram to the Mexicans to see if they would keep them busy. Sadly, that telegram was intercepted, and America joined the war.
  • The Eastern Front

    The mobile side of the war, the Russians fought the Germans and the Austro-Hungarians. The Russian Revolution (date listed above) caused Russia to withdraw and Germany to have troops to send to the west.
  • America joins the Allies

    The Central Powers tried and tried again to keep America out, but they failed. America contributed troops, weapons, supplies, and millitary vehicles. The US provided the best grenade throwers in the war. Although they entered late, they were the pivital factor of the war.
  • Wilsons 14 Points Continued

    1. All Italians are to be allowed to live in Italy. Italy's borders are to be "along clearly recognisable lines of nationality."
    2. Self-determination should be allowed for all those living in Austria-Hungary.
    3. Self-determination and guarantees of independence should be allowed for the Balkan states.
    4. The Turkish people should be governed by the Turkish government. Non-Turks in the old Turkish Empire should govern themselves.
  • Wilson's 14 Points Continued

    1. An independent Poland should be created which should have access to the sea.
    2. A League of Nations should be set up to guarantee the political and territorial independence of all states. Wilsons points were not all accepted and used, and some were even rejected by America
  • Wilson's 14 Points Speach

    1. No more secret agreements ("Open covenants openly arrived at").
    2. Free navigation of all seas.
    3. An end to all economic barriers between countries.
    4. Countries to reduce weapon numbers.
    5. All decisions regarding the colonies should be impartial
    6. The German Army is to be removed from Russia. Russia should be left to develop her own political set-up.
    7. Belgium should be independent like before the war.
    8. France should be fully liberated and allowed to recover Alsace-Lorraine
  • U-Boats are Used of of the NC Coast

    Of the coast of the Outer Banks, German U-Boats sunk 3 shiping vessles in the summer of 1918. U-Boats were used all over the worlds oceans.
  • The Red Baron is Shot Down

    The Red Baron, Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, who was credited with 80 air victorys was shot down.
  • Henry Gunther Dies

    On the eleventh day of the elethenth month on the eleventh hour, the war ended. At 10:59, Henry Gunther died trying to take a german machine gun nest. One man said "almost as he hit the ground, a mocking silence filled the battlefield."
  • Armistice

    Only seconds after Gunther died, on November 11th, at 11:00 the war is ended by a ceasefire known as armistice. It effectivly ended WWI. Some conditions were the disarming of Germany, the return of POW, and immediate clearing of Belgium, France, Alsace-Lorraine
  • Cost of War

    Over 36 million millitary casualties were reported, 16 million of them deaths. Almost 7 million civilians died in the war. Germany's economy was reduced to hardly anything. Russia became communist. France and Britain were depleted in supplies and money. America was not impacted as badly and launched in to the roaring 20's.
  • Personal Summary

    WWI was a war for spite. All of the alliance and treatys and backkstabing did no one any good. One contry was attacted, and all of Europe and the USA were pulled in. The cost was high, the war was deadly. It could have esily been a minor conflict. Instead, powerhungry countries joined the war until it became World War 1