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World War 1

  • Belle Epoque

    Belle Epoque
    Would last 100 years. The Age of Beauty.
  • Period: to

    Leading Up to, During, and After WW1

  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna
  • Defeat of French by Germans

    Defeat of French by Germans
    French Defeat in Franco-Prussian WarMade the French bitter and left them wanting revenge.
  • Triple Alliance

    Triple Alliance
    Triple AllianceAlliance between central powers, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.
  • The Berlin Conference

    The Berlin Conference
    Berlin ConferenceRegulation of European colonization and trade in Africa
  • The Triple Entente

    The Triple Entente
    Triple Entente (European Alliance)(European Alliance) between Great Britain, France, and Russia.
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

     Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    Archduke and his wife went to Bosnia where a member of the nationalist group "The Black Hand" shot them on their way out of town. This was after the main assasination attempt that involved throwing bombs at their car.
  • Austria Declares War on Serbia

    Austria Declares War on Serbia
    Austria blamed Serbia for the Archduke's assasination and declared war. As a result Russia mobilizes their troops, and calls on France to do the same. (side note, you were right about it not being front page news, and they didn't even spell Serbia right!)
  • Germany Declares War on Russia

    Germany Declares War on Russia
    When Russia came to the defense of the Serbs, Germany had to go to war to defend their Austrian allies.
  • Germany Invades Belgium/Declares War on France

    Germany Invades Belgium/Declares War on France
    Germany invades Belgium in order to outflank the French army. Britain protests the violation of Belgian neutrality, guranteed by a treaty. German Chancellor responds that the treaty is just a scrap of paper.
  • Britain Declares War on Germany

    Britain Declares War on Germany
  • Japan Declares War on Germany

  • Turkey Joins Central Powers

  • Russia Declares War on Turkey

    Because of the help given by Turkey to the German attack of Russia
  • Britain and France Declare War on Turkey

    Because of their alliance with Russia
  • Zeppelins

    The first Zeppelins appeared over the English coast. Zeppelins were used as scouts and bombers by Germany
  • Reinforcements Sent to Italy

    Italy had lost many men trying to hold the line between them and the central powers. Britain and France sent reinforecements.
  • Zeppelins Used to Attack London

  • Second Battle of Ypres and 1st Succesful Use of Poison Gas

    Second Battle of Ypres and 1st Succesful Use of Poison Gas
    The gas, fired by the Germans caused many British casualties. And would cause many more in the future.
  • Lusitania Sunk

    Lusitania Sunk
    Americans were outraged after a German U-boat sunk this ship, which had many American civilians aboard. Germany moderated U-boat campaign.
  • Italy Enters War

    Italy enters war on side of the allies
  • Romania Enters War

    Joins the allies but is soon occupied by Germans and Austrians
  • First Aeroplane Raid

    First Aeroplane Raid
    First air raid on London took place. The Germans hoped that by making air raids on London, the British Air Force would be forced to protect their homeland instead of attacking the Germans
  • New War Commander

    British Prime Minister, Lloyd George appoints French General Nivelle as supreme war commander.
  • Germany Steps up U-Boat Campaign

    Germany Steps up U-Boat Campaign
    In Germany, orders were given to sink all allied or neutral ships on sight. Neutral countries became reluctant to ship goods to Britain and PM Lloyd George odered that all ships carrying provisions to Britain be given an escort.
  • Churchill Appointed Minister of Munitions

  • USA Declares War on Germany

    USA Declares War on Germany
    In response to German U-boats sinking US ships.
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
    Following the revolution by the Bolsheviks, Russia signed an Armistice with Germany.
  • RAF Formed

    RAF Formed
    The Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service were merged to form the Royal Air Force.
  • Allies Recover France and Belgium

  • Armistice With Turkey

    Allies successfully pushed the Turkish Army back, leaving them with no choice but to ask for Armistice. The agreement gave allies access to the Dardenelles.
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II Abdicated

  • Armistice Signed!

    Armistice Signed!
    Armistice signed in France bringing war to an end.
  • U.S 18th Amendment is Ratified

    Start of Prohibition. Alcohol is made illegal.
  • Convenant of League of Nations is Complete

    International group of countries who were tobe the judges and enforcers for the Treaty of Versailles and other‘World’ law issues.
  • Treaty of Versailles Submitted to German Delegation

  • Germany Signs Treaty of Versailles

  • U.S Ratification of 19th Amendment.

    Women can now vote in the U.S
  • Adolf Hitler Becomes Head of the "Nazi" Party in Germany

  • British Arrest Gandhi in India for Sedition

  • Stock Market Crashes

  • The Bonus Army Gathers in D.C

  • FDR Becomes President

  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany

  • 18th Amendment is Repealed, Ending Alcohol Prohibition

  • Hindenburg Dies, 2 Weeks Later Hitler Becomes "Fuhrer" of Germany

  • German Jews Stripped of Rights Under Nuremberg Race Laws

  • Japanese and Chinese Troops Clash on the Marco Polo Bridge

  • China Declares War on Japan

  • Germany Invades Poland

  • World War 2 Begins

    France and England declare war on Germany