World war one

World War 1

  • Underlying Causes-Franco-prissian war

    Underlying Causes-Franco-prissian war
    The war between france and prissia ( the futrue German Empire) It was ended with a great defeat for france. This war led to the creation of the German Empire with a military and industrial empire to disrupt the european balance of power
  • Underlying Causes-Accession of Wilhelm II to the German Throne

    Underlying Causes-Accession of Wilhelm II to the German Throne
    The accession of Wilhem 2 to the german throne the german policy became more aggresive.He also refused to renew the Reinsurance with russia. Wilhem created an alliance between france and russia that became the basis for the triple entre
  • Period: to

    Kiffin Rockwell

    He was born in 1892. After he finished school he enrolled in a military school and attended Washington & lee university, he left college in 1911 and went into advertising until 1914. He and his brother both enlisted in the french army at the beginning of WW1.Kiffin was wounded by a exploding shell in december of 1914 in 1915 he became one of the founding pilots. In may of 1916 he was named the first person ever to shoot down an enemy plane. He died of a downed plane
  • Underlying Causes-Russo-Japenese War

    Underlying Causes-Russo-Japenese War
    Russo-Japanese had a rivalry over Manchuria and Korea reached its height with the Russo-Japanse war. The outcome of the war against the Japanese. Was awful for the russians who lost amost the entire Baltic and pacific fleet.It also caused a serious political crisis
  • Underlying Cause- Moroccan Crisis

    Underlying Cause- Moroccan Crisis
    This Brought the European Powers on a brink of war Both Crises on both provoked by the germans. This caused tensions between France and Britian that ended in an alliance.
  • Underlying Cause- Entente Cordiale

    Underlying Cause- Entente Cordiale
    German Militarism and especially the buildup of naval power convinced Great Britian that germany may soon establish itself as a dominant power on the continents. The british decided to go into an alliance with france whic later was known as Entente Cordiale.
  • Underlying Cause- Bosnian Annexation Crisis

    Underlying Cause- Bosnian Annexation Crisis
    In 1908 austro-hungary decied to annex bosnia and herzegovina that was apart of the ottoman empire the annexation of provinces that were occupied by the dual monarchy it was bitterly opposed by seria.
  • Underlying Cause- Italo- Turkish war

    Underlying Cause- Italo- Turkish war
    this did not cause a major threat to the europe.The turkish deafeat showed the weakness of the ottoman army.
  • Underlying Cause-Balkan Wars

    Underlying Cause-Balkan Wars
    Serbia,greece,Montenegro and bulgaria formed the balkan league a military alliance against the ottoman empire. The balkan empire stripped the ottoman empire,This was when bulgaria turned against it allies serbia and greece because of partition over macedonia.
  • Immediate Cause-Austria hungary

    Immediate Cause-Austria hungary
    Austria-hungary declares war on serbia.
  • Tanks

    The tank started with the idea of a farming machine that could cross difficult areas of land. The tank had a top speed of 4 mph on flat land, te ability to turn sharply at top speed, the ability to climb a 5 feet parapet, The ability to cross a eight feet gap, the working radius of 20 miles and a group of 10 men and machine and one artilery gun could fit in one tank
  • Period: to

    Ecinomic cost of war

    The Economic cost Of World War 1 was about 35 Billion dollars
  • Period: to

    Casualties ofWorld War 1

    Total casualties- 31,483,200
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

    Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
    A group of people set out to assassanate Archduke Franz Ferdinand in sarajevo f him and his wife. \ Then austria-hungray was determined to destory the serbian threat.
  • Immediate Cause-Assassination of the Archduke

    Immediate Cause-Assassination of the Archduke
    This was probably the most immediate cause the assassination was from a group called the black hand.
  • underlying Cause- July ultimatium

    underlying Cause- July ultimatium
    Austria-hungary presented to ultimatium serbia. Impossed impossible demands to serbia in order to be able to declare war.
  • The Red Baron

    The Red Baron
    He was sent into the air and he was stationed on Germanys eastern Border, He was a flying legened that had 80 or more credits for shooting down enemy planes. Even though he wasnt the first one to do he did have the most credits of his time.
  • Immediate Cause-Secret Treaty

    Immediate Cause-Secret Treaty
    The ottoman empire and Germany sign a secret treaty of a alliance.
  • Immediate Cause-Declares war

    Immediate Cause-Declares war
    Germany Declares War on france.
  • Immediate cause- Invading Belgium

    Immediate cause- Invading Belgium
    Germany Invades belgium which leads Britian to declare war on Germany.
  • Immediate Cause-Invading Russia

    Immediate Cause-Invading Russia
    Austria-Hungary Invades Russia
  • Period: to

    The eastern Fornt- Russian revolution

    The russian revolution started when russia invaded East prussia. Then germany payed a counter offense and pushed russia back by 1917 they were fed up because they had a huge number of casulaties in Russia The battles fought included.
    Masurian Lakes
    Lake Naroch
  • Christmas Truce

    Christmas Truce
    The Christmas Truce was when the soldiers that where fighting stopped fighting at christmas and met in the middle of No mans land and shared gifts and talked to one another. The generals stopped the christmas truce from happening again because they thought it would change there perspective on the war
  • U-boats

    The U-boats played a big role in World War 1. They caused the sinking of many Merchant Ships. Including the Lusitania which had 128 american passengers that drowned. This made The americans very angry.
  • Unresticted Submarine Warfare.

    Unresticted Submarine Warfare.
    Unrestricted Submarine warfare was introduced during world war 1 The germans declared a wa one around th Bitish they said that every merchant ship willbe attaced by the german Navy. One followed was the sinking of the lusitania y a german U-boat. there was at least 1,201 passengers died and 128 of them where americans
  • U- Boats- Outer Banks

    U- Boats- Outer Banks
    geraman u- boats would always travel out to the banks and hideout. this also provided more victims from the Outer Banks. People would bring cargo and supplies into the outer banks and they would sink them or destroy them with a torpedo.
  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    Sinking of the Lusitania
    This was a big deal for the americans because there was 128 of the 1201 passengers that were american and they died. The sinking of the lusitania caused Woodrow wilson to send a strongly worded note to the germans telling them to stop sinking merchant ships.
  • The Zimmerman Telegram

    The Zimmerman Telegram
    The British Deciphered a Telegram from a german foriegn minister to the minister in Mexico offering United States territory to mexico for joining the german cause. This helped draw the Unied States into the war
  • The western Front- Trench Warfare

    They began to dig deep holes to try to shot out of them it was extremely awful to climb up and around or fight them. It was also extremely hard to try and kill the people in the trenches. because if they got in the trenches and if would have to be hand to hand fights.
  • Contributions

    we contributed basically the whole war because we kept having soldiers to come in and fight. Also we basically ended the war
  • Americas entry to war

    Americas entry to war
    Americas enbtry to war was because of the Zimmerman telegraph that they sent to the president and the sinking/bombing of the Lusitania. Because they were trying to stay out of war and the president kept them out of it from a couple of years but 1917 they went into the war.
  • Last casualty

    Last casualty
    There was basically a time or a time were they would all quit shooting and end the war 1 minute before ending the war the private gunter was the last casulty of the war.
  • Armisitce- Conditions

    Armisitce- Conditions
    Amistive day was the last day of the war. That means business as usuall. Some casualties like on every day at war.
  • Armisitice-Day and time

    Armisitice-Day and time
    The day was november 11th 1918 and the time of the ceasefie was 11:00
  • Woodrow wilson 14 points part 2

    Woodrow wilson 14 points part 2
    10.Self determination should beallowed for those living in Austria-Hungary
    11.Self determination are guarantees of independence should be allowed for the balkan states
    12. The turkish people should be governed by the turkish government. Non-Turks in the old turkish empire should govern themselves.
    13.An independdent Poland should be created which should have access to sea.
    14.A league of nations should be set up to guarantee to political and Territorial independenc of all states.
  • Personal Conclusion

    In conclusion i think that World War 1 was a rough time for the soldiers and the families,The Soldiers had lack of food and most of them were wounded or killed. Also The families ad to worry all of the time and wonder if they Brothers,sons or husbands will make it back home alive. But overall it took true courage to prove what these soldiers went through. So this means that only real true americans would go and fight day and nioght an risk there lives to make this Growing country an awesome one.
  • Wilsons 14 points

    Wilsons 14 points
    1.No more secret agreements
    2.Free navigation of all seas
    3.An edn to all economic barriers between countries
    4.Countries to reduce weapon numbers
    5. All decisions regarding the colonies should be impartial
    6 The german army s to be removed from Russia. Russi a should be left to develop her own political set-up
    7. Belgium shold be independent like before war
    8.France should be fully liberated and allowed to recover Alsace-Lorraine
    9.All italinans are to be allowed to live in itlay.