World War 1

By EliV
  • Period: to


  • The start of it all

    The Archduke was assinated by a group of terrorist's.
  • War is delcared

    The war between them start!
  • Germany VS Russia

    Germany declares war on Russia.
  • Germany VS France

    Germany declares war on France.
  • UK VS Germany

    The United Kingdom declares war on Germany, after Germany invades Belgium.
  • Austria-Hungary VS Russia Serbia declares VS Germany.

    Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia and Serbia declares war on Germany.
  • U.S Makes a Discession

    U.S. President Woodrow Wilson announces the U.S. will remain neutral.
  • A battle begins

    The Battle of Tannenberg begins.
  • The first battle

    The First Battle of the Marne begins. Trench warfare begins as soldiers on both sides dig in.
  • Another Battle

    Battle of Ypres begins.
  • UK has an announcement

    The United Kingdom announces that the North Sea is a military area, effectively creating a blockade of goods into Germany.