Worl War 1

  • world war 1

    World war 1 started june 28th the assassination of Francis Ferdinand
  • • July 28th Austria declared war on Serbia

  • The assination of Francis Ferdinad

  • • August 4th Britain and allied countries such as Australia declares war Germany two sides formed the allied powers and the central powers .

  • • May 23rd Italy changed sides and declared war on Germany and Austria.

  • • April 6th USA declared war on Germany this gave the edge the allies needed.

  • • April 29th British forces surrender to the Turkish forces at kut in Mesopotamia.

  • • July 1st start of the battle of Somme.

  • • December 5th Armistice between Germany and Russia signed.

  • • November 11th Germany signed armistice with allies offically ending the war.