will the war never end

  • the exsploson of maine

    The boat was coming and as soon as it came it exsplode maine blew up killing 260 wemon and kid.s The americans were angery at spain they wanted to kill them for it and that when they claired war.
  • Period: to

    will the war ever end

  • yellow journalism

    yellow journalism was a news paper that took bad thing and twisted to make it devisated to make it look better. look at one of them is the exsploded of maine.
  • splendid little war

    the war lastedfor four month an about 400 americans were killed in the war . but not all was bad 2,000 american died of yellow fever, malaria cause in the tropical area.
  • the battle of san?

    rough rider were african that were soldiers of the ninth cavalries jooined soon they battle of san juan hill