What I have learnt

  • 1.

    Before I did the main task and the prelium task my skills were limited in film making as I had never done it before. However I had use a camera before and using a flip was similar to using a camera so I did not find it hard to use the flip camera. Also I found it easy to upload the footage on to the iMacs as it similar to uploading pictures from my phone on to the computer.
  • 2.

    When I did the Prelium Task I learnt basic film techniques which such as the 180 degree rule, match on action, shot reverse shot and continuity editing. Also before I did the Prelium task I leant about the different type of shots such as Long shot and extreme close up. Finally whilst doing the Prelium task I leant some basic film techniques when editing for example adding titles and how to have good continuity in editing.
  • 3

    In the Main task I learnt many new skills about film making. One of them is what needed to be done in pre-production. Before I did the main task I knew that in pre-production things like story board and location schedule however I did not know that a risk assement needed to be carried out or that a timeline needed to be done.
  • 4.

    In Production I leaned that some shots needed to be filmed about 5 times to perfect for our opening sequence. Also I learnt that we need a wide variety of shots for every scene because we needed different shots so that we could select the best shots to go in the opening sequence. Also by having a wide variety of shots meant that it was unlikely that we needed to do a re-shoot. I also learnt that films do not have a long time to film from when we were in production as we had a very tight schedule
  • 5.

    In Post Production The Main skills I learnt where how to use final cut express, soundtrack and livetype. Before the main task I had used Final cut express and livetype for our version of the Arlington road re-make but by skills were still limited on final cut express and livetype when we came to edit our main task. The main skills I leant were on final cut express was how to add effects to clips for example tint, how to add title and music in to our main task on final cut express.
  • 6.

    On Livetype I learnt how to add different fonts we got on the internet on to live type. I also learnt how to add effects to the titles, how to move the titles on the screen, how to change the colour of the titles and how to change the size of the titles.
  • 7.

    Finally on Soundtrack I learnt how to add music on to Soundtrack, how to add sound effects on to the music, how to change the length of the songs on soundtrack and how to export music on soundtrack.