Western Movement Timeline

  • Day of Birth

  • Period: to

    Time Span

  • The day I met my met my father

  • The day my father told me about America

    He said "America is the land of freedom and oppertunity, someday we will go there."
  • The day we boarded the boat

    We boarded the boat to travel to america. We sailed in third class, not due to lack of money, but so as not to use all our money before reaching America
  • Settled in America

    We settled in america as a family of beer brewers.
  • First Harvest

    Had the first harvest of crops and made our first ever batch of beer.
  • Period: to

    Safety and peace

    Times without feeling of danger of our lives
  • The chinese exclusion act

    Chinese werent allowed to enter the usa from Asia. The russians weren't much affected, but since the act, times seemed a little harder.
  • My mother's death

    The day my mother dyed, we morned for a year, and then returned to work.
  • War began

    WWI began and we hid our family and locked our doors as the battle began.
  • Period: to

    WWI begining and ending

    The dates WWI started and ended
  • WWI ended

    the war finally ended.