Western Civ

  • 200


     Ancient Rome valued: Violence- gladiators fought to the death in the Coliseum, huge army that used force to take over.
    Government - We get our separation of powers in the government from Rome.
    Republic- people have some political power.
    Law of Nations- when you are born, you have rights even if you are accused of a crime.
  • 476

    Middle Ages

    Middle Ages
    The Middle Ages were called the Dark Ages, because tragic things were occurring such as death from war and Western Rome falls.
  • Nov 21, 1300


    Greek and Roman Ideas
  • Nov 21, 1492

    European Exploration

    European Exploration
    Glory - Providing themselves through conquest
    sense of adventure
  • Nov 21, 1521


    Luther stapled 95-thesis to the door and was excommunicated from the catholic church
    Start of Luthernism
  • Spanish Armada

    Spanish Armada
    England won over spanish because of better weapons advantages
  • Sci Rev

    Sci Rev
    scientific revolution is used to indicate the historical period in which the modern methods of scientific inquiry were established.
  • King Louis XIV

    King Louis XIV
    He was an example of absolutuion which meant he had total power over government
  • Glorious Rev

    Glorious Rev
    William and Mary
  • Greece

    Greece valued :Sports Athleticism, and architecture with big buildings, art/ sculpture. Physical beauty. Religion