website desgn

  • web design

    required to design a website consisting of at least 4 pages the subject can be one of your choice you must complet a web structure to show the outline of your web pages. you will also need to complete an audience analysis to show who your target audience will be.
    monday 25 th march
  • task 3

    use a website software to create at least 4 pages using the design the structure you have planned in task 2 and 3. format and format and edit the software until you are happy the final design with the final design. your websites include a home page with navigation bar buttons and introduction
    a forum and contact and section.
    at least 2 graphics on each page.
    buttons that take you to and each from each page.
    a small section on copyright legislation if holding customers users details.
  • task 2

    you must produce 3 possible web page design - all to contain the the the same information however they must all look diffrent. discuss with group membersand decide on a final design tuesday 26th march
  • task 4

    publish your wob page and seek feedback from your peers